New Century Foundation

The New Century Foun­da­tion (NCF) is a non-profit orga­ni­za­tion committed to enhancing the total well­ness of indi­vid­uals from all walks of life.


On April 18 and 19, at the Music Conser­va­tory Theater of Hangzhou Univer­sity (HNU) in Zhejiang Province, China, Yuan Miao and her Phoenix Mantra sound healing team presented the first Phoenix Mantra concert of 2015. Over a thou­sand people received bless­ings of Phoenix Energy and trans­mis­sions of the ancient eastern “Joyful Wisdom Phoenix Mantra”


Tashi Delek!

Ya la suo! May you be auspicious!

Please enjoy this special message and blessing from Miao to cele­brate the coming Year of the Sheep!

Feb. 11, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

As we prepare to cele­brate the tradi­tional Chinese New Year on February 19, 2015, the coming Year of The Sheep, I invite you all to embrace the spirit of cele­brating a new year–of letting go of the old and welcoming the new. May you truly embody New Year’s greet­ings and “Be auspi­cious.” “May all your wishes be fulfilled” become a solid reality and usher in a new, auspi­cious life chapter for you.


I say that you are all auspi­cious because you have vows: you have faith in the mission of NCF and the dharma teach­ings. You have brought more warmth and joy to this world through prac­ticing and spreading the Wisdom of Joy and the Yoga of Joy. There­fore, when adjusting your life frequency to let go of the old and welcome the new, please also recog­nize and receive with smiles, the grat­i­tude sent back to you by the world. Then, pass this grat­i­tude on fully to those whom you wish to thank. Despite the fact that you’re still in the process of learning and growing, some­times possibly even feeling you’re regressing, please remember your true nature is always pure and kind. Never give up. You are and have always been loved! The ability to receive love is auspi­cious and we all possess it.


May all your wishes be fulfilled” is a popular greeting during the Chinese New Year. Wishes stem­ming from a pure and clear heart are different from those arising from a confused and conflicted mind. A pure and clear heart is a generous, big heart in which trou­ble­some things cannot survive. A confused and conflicted mind is an egoic, small mind that can’t hold a big, life blue­print.  Having no attach­ment is the way to make a heart generous and big, which is a truly auspi­cious life state. I encourage you all to make “attaching to nothing” one of your New Year’s reso­lu­tions and to help each other realize it– you don’t do things: let things do you.


Even if you’re encoun­tering serious matters that demand your atten­tion, through deep and proper under-standing of the Wisdom of Joy, you’ll be able to discern which are the right thoughts and which are not, among the many thoughts which arise related to the issue. With direct and unbi­ased recog­ni­tion, you’ll know the “right force” to use in handling the matter. Using more or less force is not “right” force. “Right” force is the proper effort needed to deal with any issue. Being anxious, stressed out or worried are all emotions which create the oppo­site of “right force.”


By embodying the Wisdom of Joy, your emotions will not easily influ­ence what­ever happens. From this empty state, “out of the blue” ideas or thoughts may appear. “Out of the blue” is such a wonderful creation! Yet, you need to let the “blue” open first before anything can come out of it. “Letting the blue open” symbol­izes enhancing your Wisdom of Joy. “Out of the blue” repre­sents ideas and thoughts which orig­i­nate outside of the habitual “box.” From “out of the blue,” your value system will be adjusted, your creative capacity will be increased, and the space of Spirit will reveal itself to you. You can only fly when there is space. There­fore, we need “out of the blue” inspi­ra­tions which emerge from a pure and clear heart– with infi­nite space to allow our spirit to fly high and freely. Then, little by little, you’ll find your­self becoming the bodhisattva who attaches to nothing–who knows no worry, but only child­like joy.

Bless­ings with love.

~ Yuan Miao