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0H2A0850Happy Year of the Monkey!

Dear family and friends:

I’d like to take this opportunity to send you a Lunar New Year’s gift. May each of you embody the blessings of “a simple mind, spiritual heart and smart body” this New Year and beyond.

In “Meditation and Liberation” workshops in Asia, to facilitate the accelerated evolution of our friends and family on the spiritual path, we will study and discuss the wisdom of the Heart Sutra and how to apply its profound wisdom to benefit our daily life. In upcoming “Sound Vibration Healing and Opening” workshops, we will reveal hidden treasures to help dissolve specific obstacles for participants.

I am happy to announce that we now have 94 certified Yoga of Joy teachers, teaching at 29 Yoga of Joy centers in Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore. We will continue expanding the Wisdom of Joy through our Yoga of Joy Teacher trainings in Asia this year.


In the U.S., we’ll offer “Wisdom of Joy” teachings via workshops and establish ongoing classes in the Bay Area (Northern California). Meanwhile, we’ll continue collaborating with prominent universities, such as USC, Loyola Marymount University and UCLA, to deliver lectures, workshops and classes to younger, Phoenix generations. Come Spring, we’ll share the dharma through Yoga of Joy workshops and a sacred hair yantra exhibition at Pomona College, which is affiliated with smaller, renowned liberal arts colleges such as Scripps and Harvey Mudd. Meanwhile, our mission to share sacred Guanyin hair yantras as a blessing for the entire world, is being fulfilled through our burgeoning relationships with museum curators and collectors around the world.

Whether you are able to attend any of these wonderful events in person or not, I will hold you dearly in my central channel. To fuel your New Year, we highly recommend that you thoroughly read and absorb the Heart Sutra and The Life of Milarepa. May your deep resonance with these teachings be the most precious and auspicious blessings for the New Year.

May you be auspicious!

With Great Love,

Yuan Miao

IMG_3475 Empti­ness Medi­ta­tion Workshop – Wu Tai Shan China – June 2015



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