We Are All Buddhas

Yuan Miao shares her profound spiritual wisdom:

We are all Buddhas. We are from the same Source. Everybody is equally blessed with wisdom, compassion, prosperity and immortality. We’re all equally blessed, because we come from the Source, the Universal Source…That’s the true nature and dignity of every being. We are all blessed with the same things. No more, no less. Exactly the same: wisdom, compassion, prosperity and immortality.

Harvard Neuroscientist: Meditation Changes Your Brain

Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, was one of the first scientists to take the anecdotal claims about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and test them in brain scans. What she found surprised her — that meditating can literally change your brain. She explains:




Two Sides of Guan Yin

Guan Yin has two sides. One side is very tender, sweet like a mother, very ancient…soft. The other side of Guan Yin has a wrathful face…some thangkas have a wrathful face like Mahakala. Mahakala looks very wrathful, but that’s the other part of Guan Yin. Just like a doctor. Some doctors give you sweet herbs to heal you, some doctors use a knife to give you surgery. When they hold a knife to do surgery, that means they want to heal you, to cut the obstacles, the ignorance away. At that time, Guan Yin will show you their wrathful (nature). But the essence of wrathful is compassion. It’s real compassion. They want to heal you. It all comes from love. That’s why my learning from Guan Yin has sometimes been wrathful…like a real doctor holding a knife. They really want you to awaken.

~ Yuan Miao, during an interview on Awakening Code Radio


Realize Your True Nature

Yoga of Joy is a spiritual practice that can support us to realize our true nature. Dakini Master, Yuan Miao, shares this spiritual wisdom:

The most important thing is to realize yourself. Realize you are the most precious jewel. When you realize your true nature, you make a big vibration, a very strong vibration. When you consciously realize that you are the most precious jewel, you’re already “rising!”

~ Yuan Miao, The Open Heart & Healing, LMU, 2015


Vajra Pride

Yuan Miao, our woman spiritual teacher, shared this Vajrayana wisdom at her recent workshop on The Open Heart and Healing:

First, for our Vajrayana teachings, you have to know what Vajra means: unbroken, indestructible…You have unbroken, indestructible Vajra pride. Vajra pride is not human ego. It’s not desire or a big ego. Vajra pride is like “Buddha” pride. Your nature is Buddha. Your nature is God. You’re part of the Divine. That kind of self-realization can give you a big foundation, a strong foundation. And then it’s very easy to connect with the Divine, whatever you believe…Krishna, Guan Yin, Jesus, Mother Mary…all kind of Divine masters…if you have this kind of Vajra pride.

Yuan Miao, The Open Heart & Healing, LMU 2015


Choices on the Spiritual Path


Yuan Miao’s spiritual wisdom related to the choices we have on the spiritual path:

One choice is to “give up.” Don’t do it. Go back to your normal life. Make good money. Buy some good things. Do something fun. Really. It’s very easy to go back…But there is another choice: Keep going. Keep going, no matter what. I call this faith. Vajra faith. Why should I keep Vajra faith? What’s the benefit of having Vajra faith? Why? Because you realize you don’t like samsara!! You don’t like human suffering. You don’t like samsara. You’re getting tired of being in samsara. That’s motivation. The first motivation.

The second motivation…when you’re really, really, lonely, you realize the end of “human being” is the beginning of God. You ask, “What is real compassion? What is supreme wisdom (Prajna Paramita)?… What is unconditional love? You wonder, “Does the world really have such things or is it a lie?” You want proof! You want proof that there is something called compassion, unconditional love–something called Supreme Wisdom.

~ Yuan Miao, The Open Heart & Healing, LMU, 2015


The Hidden Treasure of Our Life

…a simple mind, when your mind has stopped fabrication and drama, allows your heart wings to spread like Garuda (Phoenix). Connect with your Divine Mother. Connect with the New Heaven and Earth full of joyful wisdom and a prosperous state of being…an empty heart has to have belief, devotion, devoted offering yoga–bhakti yoga. Through belief, connect with Universal Energy, connect with True Life, your essence…undying. It’s absolute Nirvana itself. Only then can we discover the treasure, the hidden treasure of our life. How ever much you want, you will get. If you have good intentions, Heaven and Earth will help you. The best intention is to believe. To have quiet and devoted belief, faith and selfless devotion.

~ Yuan Miao, Bali retreat, 2014


The Vow and Spiritual Transformation

Yuan Miao emphasizes the importance of the “Vajra Vow”:

“I want to say one thing, “The end of human being, is the beginning of God.” That was the ending time (for me), but the vow…if you really have a vow, don’t worry, the vow will keep bringing you back…If you have a vow, put your fingerprint on the vow, on the Divine, you have to believe the Divine “eye” is always taking care of you.

Later on, after I was not successful in committing suicide, I realized there was no way without surrender. Only surrender. You want to do suicide? No way. If you want to go ahead and let your emotions… allow your sadness to go on, to allow your human being’s side to guide you…there is no way…because of the vow. We call this the “Vajra vow.” The Vajra vow is very helpful.

So, I’ve been in a very dark time, with everything destroyed. I’ve been full of ashes, but the vow still breathes. The vow is connection with the Divine, with Guan Yin. They’re more powerful than me. They’re more powerful than ashes, because they have infinite compassion and infinite wisdom. They know how to make a life rebirth from ashes. At that time, the only thing we can do is “surrender.” Surrender.

~ Yuan Miao


Four Kinds of Joy and Eight Kings

At the 2014 Bali retreat Dakini Master, Yuan Miao explained that there are four kinds of joy: 1) Liking ourselves 2) Loving the world so we can contribute 3) Liking our ancestors and sages in order to have Zen happiness 4) Liking “ultimate wisdom.” There are also four kings supporting our life: 1) Principles/Practices 2) Wealth (material support) 3) Companions and 4) Earth/ Environment (home, country, etc.) All of the “problems” in our life arise from these 8 aspects, however if we stay in “silent, relaxed space” — if we can rest in stillness and connect with superconsciousness, we can understand and hear the answers to these problems. Ultimately, as Miao shared, “There is no past. It never happened. And the future happened already.” We must believe and understand this.

Yuan Miao, Bali Retreat 2014