People who have personally experienced Yuan Miao’s energy have things to say.

Denise Williams, Marin County, CA

Susan Sattler, Sebastopol, CA

Nguyen, Pasadena, CA

David, Ojai, CA

Written Testimonials

The first time I met dakini master -Yuan Miao -, I was feeling devastated because a client in my psychology practice had committed suicide. I was overwhelmed with emotion and unable to quiet my mind. I attended an event at which she was sharing spiritual healing practices, including chanting mantras.  As I listened to Miao’s mantric chanting I felt a spaciousness open in my mind. All the energies of anxiety, sadness, anger and trauma began to dissolve as I connected with the vibration of her chanting and miraculously, although I regretted my client’s choice, I began to experience an exquisite sense of joy.

Two years later I was diagnosed with cancer. Every day I listened to the mantric chanting from Dakini Master Yuan Miao and practiced her Joyful Yoga, and every day I felt that same sense of spacious mind and pure joy. All of my cells seemed to be filled with light. Over the course of treatment, not only did my physical body heal, but I also experienced a profound spiritual transformation. I have now been in complete remission for six and a half years. I experienced no negative side effects from the Western treatment I underwent. I entered a state of no fear. I believe it was my faith and connecting with a higher vibrational frequency through Miao’s mantric chanting and my practice of Joyful Yoga that healed me.

Susan Sattler, Psychotherapist

M.A. Stanford University


Studying with Dakini Master Yuan Miao had transformed my life to its core

Where do I begin….?  Studying with Dakini Master Yuan Miao had transformed my life to its core. After a short period of time of practicing I had a life changing experience.

There were many realizations, but allow me briefly to share my realization of emptiness.  About 2 or 3 years of practicing with Dakini Master Miao, I was practicing dumo(transmitted by Master Miao), I started seeing things as they were but yet simultaneously seeing the empty nature in all things.  There are no sequences.  Its like seeing all material things like building, houses, cars, money, relationship…etc. and yet simultaneously they were empty in nature.  From that time on it is easier for me to detach myself from attachments.

There are no words to describe my gratitude to Dakini Master Miao except for my full body prostration to my root guru.

Om mani padme hum!!

Eugene Sun, Washington DC


This is a great story about a first meeting with Yuan Miao: http://gongablog.blogspot.com/


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