Guan Yin

Throughout history, Guan Yin has symbolized Divine Motherly energy and compassion. Guan Yin is often depicted as a female Bodhisattva or even a wrathful, male deity. In Tibet, Guan Yin is known as Dorje Chenrezeig or “unbroken, indestructible compassion and love.” Millions around the world have revered and prayed to Guan Yin and although Guan Yin is often typically associated with Buddhism, Guan Yin remains beyond all religions, spiritual traditions, dogma and concepts. Guan Yin is “formless” and can manifest into any form.

Miao shares that “Guan” means all knowing and “Yin” means vibration or frequency. The journey of “Guan Yin” is to be “all knowing–to know all frequencies and vibrations of the Universe.” We must be able to “hear” and receive all vibrations without judgment or prejudice to align with Guan Yin energy. This is true compassion. Guan Yin transcends duality and includes all high consciousness beings without exception. Guan Yin is the harmony of Yin and Yang and carries the essence of both our tears and prayers.

Miao reminds us that Guan Yin’s great teachings cannot be understood through our mind, but only through the essence of our heart. We must let go of our “ears” and “open our hearts” to truly embody Guan Yin energy. The teachings of Guan Yin in our lives may come in “bitter forms,” however, the true essence of the teachings always remain sweet and compassionate. “Tough” lessons are necessary for our growth and ultimate evolution. The Phoenix is reborn because of its ashes, just as the lotus blooms its one thousand petals because of mud.

Many people seek teachings that are only sweet, gentle, full of “mercy,” and yet, the path to enlightenment requires the drinking of “bitter tea.” When we can drink bitter tea and still celebrate life, still smile and laugh with childlike joy and gratitude, we truly embody Guan Yin. Guan Yin helps us wield the sword of wisdom which cuts through ignorance, limited emotions, pain and suffering. Guan Yin has been exalted since the dawn of time, not simply because “she” is a Goddess of Mercy, nor a male wrathful protector, but–because Guan Yin is the formless pathway of transformation itself.

Om mani padme hum.

Guan shi yin pusa.

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