Phoenix Rising concert in China, 2016


Phoenix Rising  – Sound Healing Concert –  April 2nd, 2016 ~ Las Vegas, NV

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Phoenix Rising Concert Series

Miao Dancing

The phoenix is an ancient symbol. Many cultures from the East and West speak of the phoenix, a mythical bird with colorful plumage that consumes itself in flames and then rises, reborn from its own ashes. Like the phoenix, each human being is capable of rising above the pain of their own personal suffering and experiencing a joy that knows no bounds. The experience of this transcendental reality of pure joy is possible for each one of us, and in fact, constantly beckons us homeward.

The Phoenix Rising Experience

Phoenix Rising came to Marin County for its first appearance on September 22, 2007. The Phoenix Rising Experience has been enthusiastically received from Los Angles to New York, in Europe and in Asia – bringing a profound message of hope and joy amid blessings of love and compassion from West to East.

Miao is not a professionally trained singer and she does not sing songs, yet her vibrant voice creates a magical atmosphere of transcendent joy.

For the fourth year in the Bay Area, the program expanded to two events – each offering guidance of practical importance with an abundance of healing energy, featuring the mystical mantric singing of Yuan Miao.

Miao was joined by an ensemble of “sound healers,” with a special guest appearance by renowned keyboard artist Steven Halpern, who has long championed the healing power of music. This combination of rhythmic sound and sacred mantra is joyous to the heart and uplifting to the soul.

Phoenix Rising is not a religious event. It is non-denominational. Whatever your background, you can use the vibration of your experience to connect with your own personal Divine guidance.

What is Mantra?

Mantra is sound that has a secret and sacred vibration that unites us with the Divine to receive healing energy, wisdom, and blessings. The quality of mantra is love and compassion. Mantra has no judgment. Mantras help guide people to oneness. They help people of different faiths to be more open to each other, more understanding and more loving. Mantra is beyond all religion.

Miao performingMantras act to purify – clearing the body of pain, quieting the mind and calming emotional turmoil.

Yuan Miao’s spiritual training in ancient mantric voice practices enables her to tap into a realm of Pure Love and Pure Joy, to share this vibration with all those she meets.

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“Having listened to Miao’s two gorgeous CDs in no way prepared me for the extraordinary experience of being in her luminous presence, and hearing the transformative power of her voice live. It’s a life-affirming and -altering event!”

– Mark Goldberg

“Yuan Miao’s mantric singing transcends any simple auditory experience. The beauty, resonance, and energy that she creates permeates every cell in your body. You can actually feel the love and compassion that comes from within the divine vibration of her music. Indeed, it’s a rare and extraordinary experience not to be missed!”

– Sara Dawson

“An uplifting experience into the spirit world, it rejuvenates our being and awakens the passion in us all for living life consciously, compassionately and purposefully.”

– Sean Morris

Her mantric singing
rings so pure and fine
it beckons
the Bodhisattvas
who show up in droves
to offer their healing graces
through her voice
Her gaze
Her tender touch
She brings
The blessings of Kuan Yin,
reaching out
with a thousand arms
to embrace
the pains of the world
melting the hard ice of suffering
with the white-hot blaze
of her selfless heart
The fierce compassion of her song
tenderly enters the silence
from which it came
and to where it shall return

-Wendy Hilson-Bernard