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Listen to Yuan Miao interviewed by Heidi Amour on Blog Talk Radio 9/17/2015 – in depth spontaneous teachings and blessings.

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 Yuan Miao’s new Painting website


Yuan Miao lectured at USC on March 26th

Miao will be a “guest lecturer” this Wednesday at the Univeristy of Southern California (USC). She was invited by Dr. Rita Sherma to share about tantric yoga, mantra and yantra in her “The Living Traditions of Hindu Yoga” class. It will be a wonderful opportunity for Miao to share the depth of our lineage with these fledgling yogis! May the Phoenix rise at USC!

Yuan Miao was interviewed on Awakening Code Radio on Feb 18th

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ACR Yaun Miao

Yuan Miao was inter­viewed on the Unsung Goddess Radio Show 2/12/14. She talked about Joyful Yoga and what we can all do to achieve a profound spir­i­tual trans­for­ma­tion. Yuan Miao shared the Guan Yin teach­ings and trans­mis­sions she has received throughout her life and her own Phoenix Rising process.

Excerpted from host Heidi Woolard’s interview with Miao on The Unsung Goddess:

Om mani padme hum. This mantra I give to each one of you…if you have pain…if you’re worried, if you’re fearful, angry, confused. Now, deeply breathe and receive the frequency of the mantra. This comes from Guan Yin to help you rebirth from any kind of ashes. Om mani padme hum. Om mani padme hum. The lotus grows from mud. The mud looks dirty, terrible, dark, but the mud has rich nutrition. All kinds of suffering are bitter, just like mud. The lotus comes from mud. Just like all life, all enlightenment beings come from suffering, from challenges. Just keep going. Keep the belief. Keep the direction. Don’t run away. Don’t run away. Stay here…Yes, let’s walk hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart and together, stay here. Stay on the path.
On witnessing Grandpa Zhang’s death at the ripe, old age of 7

After a few days, I was in some kind of trance…every night, when I went to bed, my consciousness went to the graveyard–into the coffin. I saw Grandpa lonely, hopeless, cold. I understood him, his whole feeling. This experience somehow opened the door of my consciousness. I realized life and death. But at that time, I was so scared. I was scared about death, about loneliness, about people having no love.

This experience left me with big questions: Why did we come to the world? Who am I? Where am I going? What is the purpose of life? Why am I here? Why do people have to die? How can we overcome “impermanent” life? There was nobody to teach me, it just came out of this experience–thinking about life. What is the purpose of life? Why do people have to die? Are we not going to have eternal life? Continually, these questions emerged for the benefit of my “later” life.


For Tibetan esoteric dharma teachings or to learn Dakini teachings-what kind of foundation is necessary? If you don’t know death, you cannot receive esoteric dharma teachings. Later, I knew this; before I didn’t know this. The whole experience about Grandpa Zhang taught me that if you overcome the illusion of death, overcome the illusion of life, you can realize the Truth.


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Workshop in Xi’an China


IMG_7488The first 3-day workshop in Xi’an, Shanxi, China was held in November and was attended by roughly 200 people from all parts of the country, as well as by individuals from Singapore and Malaysia. The workshop was conducted in Zhong Nan Mountain, famous as the birthplace of Lao Zi’s Tao Te Ching. Zhong Nan Mountain is believed to be the manifestation of the female (mother) energy of the universe.


During the workshop, Teacher Miao talked about the central channel which resides in the middle of our bodies. The central channel consists of three meridians; the right or “Heavenly Water” meridian carries the merits we have accumulated lifetime after lifetime, not only from our own living, but also that which we inherit from our ancestors; the left or Dragon Wind meridian, carries each one’s focus for this lifetime; the middle or the Essence meridian, houses the most auspicious and precious Blue Pearl.
Teacher Miao explained that practicing Yoga of Joy harmonizes our seven chakras and that chanting mantras would specifically strengthen our central or Essence channel, enhancing our ability to resolve difficulties and challenges. Practice of Yoga of Joy allows us to experience abundance and inner peace in our everyday life, directly connect with the precious Blue pearl, and return to the infinite “Source.”



Yuan Miao visits Loyola Marymount University and their inspired Director of Yoga Studies, Chris Chapple.


Today (8/26/13), Miao shared sacred mantra and wisdom teachings to inaugurate and bless the inception of the Masters in Yoga program developed by Chris. How auspicious and blessed for these graduate students to receive transmission of the Manjushri mantra from Guan Yin on their first day of class! Hearing this mantra from Miao was a first and brought tears to my eyes. After a decade of hearing mantras from Miao, they still have the profound power to open my heart ever wider. Many of the students were spontaneously teary-eyed as Miao shared mantras and sincerely expressed her gratitude for investing in themselves and their studies for the benefit of others. She shared that she felt  “hopeful,” for the world, because they were so radiant, advising them to “never give up.” ~ Jin Lian Hua



The opening at Ethos Art Gallery was a resounding success – images from Thursday night’s events:



Maura Malini Hoffman, C.C. White, Jane Gehr, Susan Daya Hamwi


Sunnia, Felicia Tomasko, Yuan Miao, Ganlu Pier






MM + Miao + Lisa

Yuan Miao, Jorge, Lisa Falcone, Owner of Ethos Art Gallery

Beckwith + more

Jorge, Yuan Miao, Jane, Maura, Sunnia, Michael Beckwith, Ganlu, Wolfgang Amadeus Aichholz


Yuan Miao’s  painting website just launched – check it out at –

miao web screen shot

Yuan Miao’s  painting website just launched – check it out at –

LA Yoga Article 8/14/13


Link to full article:

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Miao “returned home” and visited her dear friends, Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith and his wife Dr. Rickie Byars, co-founders of Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California.

When they first met, they had immediate affinity for each other, each recognizing the other as a member of Guan Yin’s Divine “team.”  Upon feeling the transformative power of Miao’s mantric voice, Reverend Michael invited her to host a third Phoenix Rising mantric concert at Agape for the benefit of the local community. They knew they would eventually meet again and with Divine timing, collaborate to assist in our collective elevation of consciousness.

Join her in this video from August 4th, as she shares sacred mantras during Agape’s traditional Sunday morning service. Please watch 11:30 am service around 2hr:43min to share in the powerful vibrational energy!

May we all continue to grow in love, compassion and wisdom. Ya la suo!

–New Century Foundation