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Ongoing Classes in Asia

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Ongoing  Classes | Los Angeles, CA

Join Jin Lian Hua at Silverlake Yoga

For more information:

Silverlake Yoga | 2810 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039


Ongoing Saturday Classes | Campbell, CA

Come join us in a spirited and playful session of Yoga of Joy!

Together, we will breathe (金剛風呼吸), chant mantra  (梵音唱颂), dance (拙火覺醒)

….and of course, play. :-)

Immerse yourself in the vibration of universal love and energy, and recognize who you truly are!
Time: 10-12:00 noon most every Saturday
Location: 1160 W. Latimer Ave, Campbell, CA 95008
Class Includes: Yoga of Joy, including breathing exercises, and mantra chanting.

Yoga of Joy taught by Julie Chang
For further information, or first time participants, please email:  /

Vajra Wind / Breath of Life | Irvine, CA

Join Jin Lian Hua at The Goddess Temple of Orange County

September 16  | LMU Yoga Day | Los Angeles, CA

Two Great Events on One day in One Place!


The 21st century heralds the era of the legendary Phoenix, a mythical bird which burns itself to ash in order to be rebirthed anew. To embolden our Phoenix Rising energy in these unpredictable, auspicious and transformative times, Yuan Miao offers sacred mantras to open our hearts and empty our minds. By delivering us into a state of receptivity and relaxed awareness, we realize our true origins of abundance, freedom, joy, wisdom and compassion. We recognize and celebrate our true interconnectedness, catalyzed by the vehicles of light and sound.

Through a spontaneous, heart-opening river flow of Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese mantras and primordial sounds, Yuan Miao offers us the opportunity to attune, harmonize and heal our subtle bodies and mind.

She will be accompanied by her diverse ensemble of extraordinary sound healing musicians. Reverberate with love, oneness and the auspicious energy of the universe. May you discover a reservoir of peace within and return to your true, Inner Nature.

For a downloadable flier, click here

To Preview a Yuan Miao Concert in Beijing

And…Yoga of Joy  – Cultivating Inner Wisdom in Turbulent Times

Yoga of Joy_v5

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Oct. 13 – 15  | Xi’an, Shaanxi, China 

FREE Workshop:  “About Success”  — How to lead a successful life by enhancing physical health and mental creativity

Presented by: Yuan Miao and her “Wisdom of Joyfulness” Team

Yuan Miao’s teachings have touched and changed the life of many. Several dedicated students whose lives have been touched have joined together to sponsor this event.

We invite the public to join this workshop and to experience the transforming effect of Yuan Miao’s teachings, with the goal of inspiring regular practice.




Images from Embracing Guanyin – Trianon Theater, San Jose CA 1/27/17

_H2A8843 _H2A8782 _H2A8864 _H2A8765

The concert was a special healing concert from Master Yuan Miao. Her voice was so mystical, enchanting and extraordinary. It is said that she has a strong connection with Guanyin. After seeing her sing and speak, I know that she has a true and genuine connection with Guanyin and her energy.

Her voice and energy was so pure, Divine and powerful. I could feel so much love and  compassion radiating from her.  Her Divine Energies connected with my heart chakra and brought me to tears. I was in so much gratitude and love that evening. This was a good way to spend my New Year’s Eve and today was a Divine day indeed!

Watching and listening to Master Miao was like having a Goddess coming into our presence.

~ Blake Sinclair, author of Dare to Imagine and Beyond Imagination.

Yoga of Joy at LMU’s Yoga Day 

Date: Saturday | 9.17 | 4:00 – 5:15pm

Come spread your Phoenix wings with Jin Lian Hua at LMU’s Yoga Day!
We’ve been invited back to share Yoga of Joy and Vajra Wind once again!

Yoga Day is LMU’s annual celebration of the many varied traditions, tools and teachings of Yoga. To close the event, Wah! will offer a free healing concert in the evening.

Release heaviness, be empty and celebrate your true, joyful and indestructible nature. Bring your simple mind, loving heart and smart body to foster a New Humankind. This is our time to rise and shine!

Location: Loyola Marymount University

Admission: Free!

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Damanhur Federation in Italy!

Friday night 8.12 | 7 – 8pm


Join us for a rare evening of sound healing and mantra with Dakini Master Yuan Miao at Damanhur Federation in Italy! The Open Temple | Friday night 8.12 | 7 – 8pm. Damanhur is a unique, pioneering community founded upon the spirit of universality, artistry, spirituality and the vision for a new, creatively inspired and awakened humankind. 


Return to your true nature and receive the high vibrational energy of Yuan Miao’s divine, mantric voice in the sacred space of Damanhur’s Open Temple. Yuan Miao carries the genes of enlightened masters from both Tibet and China. Her great grandfather was a concealed rinpoche in the Nyingma tradition, her grandfather a Zen master and her maternal grandmother, a dakini steeped in ancient, esoteric wisdom. Experience profound, transmissions of heart wisdom through the vehicles of: sound, mudra and mantra. Hear from the heart and elevate your consciousness! Ya la suo!

Join us for a workshop this weekend in Vienna, Virginia
at the East Meets West Yoga Center

Sunday, July 31
1:00 – 5:00 pm

Please pre-register at
Registration: $60 (or $70 at the door)

8227 Old Courthouse Rd, Suite 310
Vienna, Virginia 22182
Tel. (703) 356-9642

Yuan Miao workshop 7-2016.v2 2


Las Vegas Miao Flier WEB



We invite you to “hear from the heart” and help elevate the collective consciousness with Dakini Yuan Miao in Las Vegas!

On April 2nd, board the dharma boat and set sail on the Infinite Ocean of Wisdom with Teacher Miao and her Phoenix Rising Sound Healing Team. May the Divine Mother’s sacred healing sounds inspire and uplift us all as we head “home!” Right here, right now! So ha!

Bali, Indonesia ~ December 2015

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Wednesday, September 16 7:00 PM Pacific

Unsung Goddess Interview with Yuan Miao

Yoga of Joy with Yuan Miao

Join me as I welcome my special guest Master Teacher Yuan Miao, for a lively discussion of Kundalini Shakti and how to awaken our latent, spiritual energy through Yoga of Joy. Hear the wisdom of Miao and what she has to share about cultivating Divine energy, resonating at a high vibrational frequency and fulfilling the true aspiration and purpose of Yoga! Yuan Miao was born in Main­land China into a family with a rich Chinese and Tibetan spir­i­tual heritage. Her Chinese grand­fa­ther was a Zen master. Her grand­mother, Yeshe Tsuomu, whose name means “Ocean of Wisdom”, was the daughter of a high Tibetan Rinpoche and herself an enlight­ened master deeply connected to the Divine Mother. She named her grand­daughter Yuan Miao –the Source of Infi­nite Water– after receiving a trans­mis­sion from the Divine Mother. She was Miao’s teacher, guide and guardian, passing down to her a precious ancient dakini lineage. Miao has had a close affinity with the Divine Mother Guanyin since she was three years old, when in a vision, she appeared before Miao as a tradi­tion­ally dressed woman holding a water-filled vase. She conveyed a clear message that she would become a guide for Miao. Yuan Miao is consid­ered an embod­i­ment of the Divine Mother, a dearly beloved teacher, healer, friend, mother, or sister. Just like her name, the Source of Infi­nite Water, Yuan Miao emanates the infi­nite love from the source of life to embrace, encourage and support everyone who comes into her energy circle.


Saturday, September 19

Yoga of Joy with Dakini Yuan Miao

Dakini Yuan Miao returns to Los Angeles to share Yoga of Joy at Loyola Marymount University’s annual Yoga Day, a daylong festival to celebrate the tradition and study of Yoga


Experience the profound, tantric practice of Yoga of Joy from its Divine source! Yoga of Joy is an ancient-future system of Tibetan and Primordial Yoga which combines mantra, mudra, visualization, intention, breathwork and postures. This practice helps us release the physical, mental and emotional stresses of modern life, while returning us to our “spiritual home” and our innate state of childlike joy. Empty the mind, open the heart and uplift our collective consciousness. Ya la suo!


Date: Saturday | 9.19

Location: Burns Fine Arts Center, Rm 229 (BUR 229)

Time: 3:30 – 4:35pm

Admission: Complimentary to the general public

For more info:

Directions to LMU:

Turning onto LMU Drive off of Lincoln Blvd (Hwy 1), stop at the guard gate for directions to Lot A.  Park in Lot A (free on weekends), then walk north to the Burns Fine Arts Center (BUR), which will be on your left.  Studio 229 is on the second floor inside the complex.




May, 2015

May 29 – 31 Yoga of Joy Workshop | Wuhan, China

Learn or deepen your existing practice of Yoga of Joy. Empty the mind, elevate your consciousness and harmonize your inner feng shui.

June 10 -15 Level 1 Joyful Yoga Teacher Training | Taiyuan, China
Become a certified Level 1 Joyful Yoga teacher and an “arm” of Guan Yin.

June 19 – 21 Emptiness Meditation | Wutai Shan, China
Experience emptiness meditation to transcend to other, higher realms of energy and consciousness.

April, 2015

Phoenix Mantra Concert


On April 18 and 19, at the Music Conser­va­tory Theater of Hangzhou Univer­sity (HNU) in Zhejiang Province, China, Yuan Miao and her Phoenix Mantra sound healing team presented the first Phoenix Mantra concert of 2015. Over a thou­sand people received bless­ings of Phoenix Energy and trans­mis­sions of the ancient eastern “Joyful Wisdom Phoenix Mantra”


It was a night of profound spir­i­tual trans­for­ma­tion as the audience’s collec­tive heart was ignited by Yuan Miao’s ethe­real chanting and the free, creative spirit of her Western sound healing team. These six world-class musi­cians contributed their creative essences to the process and together with the bless­ings of the Divine Mother and Miao’s play­fully compas­sionate pres­ence, uplifted the entire audi­ence with high-vibrational energy to enhance our collec­tive conscious­ness, phys­ical as well as inner strength.


Prof. Yaonong Tian, Dean of the Music School (HNU), welcomed the audi­ence and explained that unlike modern pop music, mantra is a primor­dial “music” that our ances­tors used in ancient times to culti­vate spir­i­tual aware­ness, connect with the Divine, pray for bless­ings, and prevent disaster.


The ther­a­peutic effect and profound healing of the heart invoked by “Phoenix Rising Mantra,” orig­i­nates from the energy of the Divine Mother, the source of our infi­nite poten­tial. This mantra connects us directly to Guan Yin and super consciousness–through the sacred “cord” of sound, we realize we are Guan Yin and the trans­for­ma­tive power of the Phoenix itself.


Yuan Miao’s Phoenix Rising sound healing band members are: Jason Henson, Heather Powers, Christo Pellani, Eddie Young, Vito Gregoli, and Alex Perez.

Wednesday, March 11

8:00pm – 9:30pm


Dakini Yuan Miao was invited by Dr. Chris Chapple to present a dharma talk at Loyola Marymount University (LMU). Dr. Chapple, Director of Masters of Arts in Yoga at LMU is widely respected for having paved the way for the higher study of Yoga in the West.

Widely renowned as an emanation of Guan Yin energy, Miao shared teachings about the open heart and healing. This event offered us all the opportunity to return to our true natures and the state of an “empty” and generous heart. In this Phoenix Rising era, opening the heart is an essential part of our awakening process. An empty, open heart allows us to manifest and discover the prosperity, abundance, wisdom and compassion which is our original, Divine nature. Hear from the heart. Be simple. Be empty and experience profound healing and deep connection with Guan Yin energy.

University Hall 3700
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045

October 16-19, 2014

Shanxi Wutai Mountain Qixiange Hotel
Wutaishan, China

In the glorious space of Wutai Mountain, a site of ancient terma treasures and Manjushri Bodhisattva’s manifestations, Yuan Miao will wield the tremendous healing power of Mantric sound. Joined by the Phoenix Group instructors and supported by a team of compassionate volunteers, Yuan Miao invites to you experience this body, mind and soul-thrilling event.

2014 Wutai MountainIn her book, “Grandma’s Heavenly Writings”, Yuan Miao describes four elements which help us return to the source of life: Dharma, Treasure, Companionship and Location.  Location refers not only to the environment and general sense of feng shui, but to the potential embedded in an energetic terma point. Wutai Mountain, one of four Tibetan Buddhist holy sites, is just such a place – it is imbued with ancient auspicious Himalayan energy. The Phoenix lineage of Joyful Wisdom has a very deep and beautiful affinity with Wutai Mountain.  Heeding the mountain’s call and the exhortations of the ancient ones, Yuan Miao has chosen this sacred place to lead the Joyful Wisdom team to hold a workshop from Oct. 16 through Oct. 19, 2014.

Wutai ShanThis workshop will differ from those held in cities. Here, Yuan Miao will guide the participants to connect with the superior Wutai Mountain energy, and use Mandala patterns to open wisdom potential, enriching and improving each person’s life state. In Sanskrit, the word “mandala” combines the meanings of “high dimension frequency”, “endowed”, and “gathering together”. Yuan Miao’s mantric chanting manifests the essence of Mandala.  In contrast to ordinary music, mantric chanting is generated through deep states of meditation. Mantric sounds are not simply received through ordinary perception, but also reach into listeners’ deep consciousness. Through this, mantric chanting has the effect of conditioning chi and blood circulation, defying disease and senility, and relieving pain from the body. Mantric chanting also has the power to awaken wisdom potential, and transform negative, heavy energy into positive, promising energy. Thus realized, life can constantly be grounded in healthy, joyful and abundant states.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors in China discovered sounds associated with each of the Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth), and the beneficial effects on their corresponding organs:  lung, liver, kidney, heart, stomach. The healing sounds can alleviate the negative emotions associated with each organ: sorrow, anger, fear, tiredness, and anxiety. In this workshop, musicians from the US with years of meditation and musical accomplishment have been invited to join in opening the participants’ senses, as well as reach their deep consciousness, through the healing power of the harmonious Five Sounds.

We wish all family and friends who share the affinity, to gather at Wutai Mountain to receive the greatest of care and practical help.

Tuition:   $650/person, excluding accommodation and meals
For more information and an event schedule, contact Wei Da.


September 20-21, 2014

International Conference in Yoga, Meditation & Integrative Health
University of Southern California


August 20 – September 28, 2014

The Art of Yantra: Divine Transmissions
An exhibit by Dakini Yuan Miao

miao-artist-340x744Experience the sacred art of Shakti energy and Guan Yin hair Yantras from Dakini master, author, yogini and healer, Yuan Miao.

Hair has been a vehicle to carry the lineages of enlightened bodhisattvas for thousands of years. Receive transmissions from Yuan Miao’s Himalayan Dakini lineage by beholding her spontaneous Shakti paintings and exquisite hair yantras, produced in the sacred, traditional style.

View rarely before seen imagery of Guan Yin, created by embroidering single strands of Yuan Miao’s hair into elaborate tapestries. Infused with Guan Yin energy, these hair yantras and Shakti paintings are a rare opportunity to profoundly elevate one’s vibrational energy and consciousness. Allow this exhibit to transport you beyond ordinary time and space.

Loyola Marymount University
William H. Hannon Library, Level 3 Atrium
1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Public hours: 8 am – 8 pm Monday through Friday,
11 am – 8 pm Saturday and Sunday

Sunday, September 21, 20142 – 5 pm
Shakti! The Art of Creation

A workshop with Dakini Yuan Miao

Potentiate. Create. Manifest. 

Transform the formless into form; the spiritual into the material. Understand how to be “empty” in order to create “everything.” Your visions, your dreams, your future. Embody emptiness wisdom and live a divinely inspired life.

In conjunction with the above exhibit, Miao will share how to express Shakti, the primordial creative force of the multi-verse. Learn how she channels Divine energy in order to effortlessly manifest “form.”

Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Complimentary to LMU students. Please RSVP at:
General public – $55. Register now:

For more information about Yuan Miao’s teachings and any of these events, please click here.

For more information about Yuan Miao’s art, please click here.

Sponsored by: LMU Asian Pacific Studies and William H. Hannon Library

May 14 – May 16, 2014
Beijing Man Lan Hotel

Man Lan Zhu Hua meeting hall
1 Xiang He Yuan Rd. Dong Zhi Men, Dong Cheng District, Beijing, China

Yuan Miao and the Phoenix Rising Team conducted a 3-day workshop “The Wisdom of Joy” in Beijing.

April 20 – May 10, 2014
Wisdom of Joy

 “The Yoga of Joy – The Wisdom of Body, Mind and Spirit”

Book-signing events and workshop in China

喜乐瑜伽 展开3

Yuan Miao’s book “The Yoga of Joy – The Wisdom of Body, Mind and Spirit” will be published by Hua Xia Publishing Co. in mainland China by the end of March 2014. Four book-signing events have been scheduled:

Location Date & Time Address
Beijing Apr. 20, 2014,  2:00pm – 5:00pm Beijing Man Lan Hotel, Man Lan Zhu Hua meeting hall1 Xiang He Yuan Rd., Dong Zhi Men, Dongcheng district,Beijing
Shanghai Apr. 27, 2014, 9:00am – 12:00pm Shanghai Yangzi River Wan Li Hotel, #2 meeting hall2099 W. Yanan Rd., Shanghai
Guangzhou May 3, 2014, 2:00pm – 5:00pm Guangzhou Sheng Feng Suo Fei Te Hotel, Yuguo Hall988 Guangzhou Blvd, Guangzhou
Chengdu May 10, 2014, 2:00pm – 5:00pm Qing An Ya Ji699 Tie Xiang Temple Shui Rd 4 – 1 Jiannan Blvd., High-Tech zoon, Chengdu


Guan Yin

The Teachers

Yuan Miao

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Yuan Miao previously worked as a director of television documentaries on CCTV—a comfortable and successful life.

She was trained from infancy by her enlightened Tibetan grandmother, Yeshe Tsuomu, in the Supreme Tantric Dakini tradition. Yuan Miao’s spiritual background was brought to the forefront when her beloved daughter died of leukemia at age nine, and she realized the true nature of life through her acute suffering.

In 1999, guided by the Divine, Yuan Miao left everything behind and moved to the United States, where she founded the New Century Foundation.The Foundation serves as a link between the East and West, the material and spiritual, and the earth and cosmos. Over the past decade, Yuan Miao has traveled around the world sharing the heart-essence of joy, wisdom, and transmitting Dumu energy.

Yuan Miao emphasizes “a pure mind, a spiritual heart, and a smart body” to “romance enlightenment and attain Buddhahood resplendently”. Her teachings transcend religion, culture, and geography; their origins lie in the ancient wisdom that flows from the source of life, using fresh, contemporary ways to express the purity of the Himalayan spirit. They are simple, easy to do, yet profound. Most importantly, they reveal the wisdom, joy, and luminosity of our true nature.


Books: “On the Wings of Phoenix Rising”, “Reincarnation”, “Grandma’s Heavenly Writings”, “The Yoga of Joy”

CDs: “Love”, “Light Primodial”

Liao Liao (Assistant)

Liao Liao’s name was given to her by Yuan Miao, and comes from the Chinese phrase “Liao Liao Fen Ming,” which means “seeing all things clearly and truthfully”. Liao Liao hails from Xi-An, China, and spent 7 years living in Indonesia. She received her MBA degree from one of the most renowned universities in the US. She has spent time with many spiritual leaders both Eastern and Western, helping to introduce their wisdom to all. After years of practice under the guidance of Yuan Miao, she has received the lineage of Dumu energy, Yoga of Joy and balancing and harmonizing the seven chakras.

Ming Ming (Jorge L. Torres, Assistant)

Ming Ming is a typical Spaniard, emanating passion in every aspect of life. Yet, he has always been longing for the ancient oriental cultures, and has practiced spirituality with many influential yogis in many holy places of the Himalayas.

Ming Ming is a certified underwater photographer in the U.S. He worked for the National Geographic magazine and the Green Peace organization as a professional photographer.

For more than ten years Ming Ming has practiced Dumu energy and meditation under the guidance of Yuan Miao. These practices have helped expand his inner wisdom, enabling him to experience life at a deeper and deeper level. Making use of his camera, Ming Ming shares how to experience and appreciate the beauty and joy that exist in everything and every moment in life.

April 11, 2014
University of Southern California

University of Southern California | NewCenturyFoundation.comAs some of you know, Yuan Miao recently appeared at the University of Southern California (USC) as a guest lecturer during Dr. Rita Sherma’s class, “The Living Traditions of Hindu Yoga.” Miao made a powerful impression upon promising young yogis that day.

Watch the video below of Miao at USC expounding upon the true value and purpose of Yoga; the lineage transmission; and the tantric origins of the Tibetan Nyingma sect and its primordial relationship to the indigenous shamanic Bon tradition.  Her teachings reflect not academic nor religious matters, but rather how to receive and embody formless teachings as a yogi. As a woman spiritual teacher,  she inspired this new generation of yogis to stand up and play their roles as the new leaders in the New Century.

This is a rare and precious teaching which she has hardly ever shared in any class.

March 1, 2014
Phoenix Rising: Spirituality of Joy
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

LMU 2- Phoenix Rising Spirituality of Joy-page-0 |



Saturday, February 22, 2014; 1 pm to 6 pm
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

Von der Ahe Family Suite | 3rd Floor
(inside the William H. Hannon Library) on the north bluff of
Westminster campus
LMU Campus, 1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Since ancient times, many cultures have celebrated the mythical Phoenix bird which consumes itself in flames in order to be reborn from ashes every millennium. It embodies an ordering principle in the world–that of promise and regeneration. To transcend the challenges of our times, it is essential to awaken dormant Phoenix Rising energy within us. Cultivate Phoenix Rising energy with spontaneous Himalayan Healing Energy practices from Yuan Miao’s Dakini lineage. Engage in sacred mantras, mudras, yantra meditation, visualization, and intention to awaken the heart and elevate your consciousness.

Individual Registration Fee: $95
Contact the Center for Religion and Spirituality for info at 310.338.2799 or

Download .pdf / Registration form for this event

Feb 23, 2014
Agape  ~ Bless­ings from “Mani”

Mantric invocation: 11:30am during regular service


Workshop: 3-5:00 PM

$ 30.00  /tickets at the door

Agape Spir­i­tual Center / Agape Sanctuary
5700 Buck­ingham Pkwy., Culver City 90230  310-348-1250

Blessing of “Mani:” The Teachings of Guan Yin Heart Mantra. Miao will share the deeper essence of “Om mani padme hum” and how to receive the blessing of “mani” (compassion) to balance our spiritual and material life.

Through this mantra, we can truly receive the blessing of Guan Yin and awaken our heart’s wisdom. It is a powerful, sacred mantra, which can profoundly fortify the soul and help us connect to the true nature of reality. Miao will host a book signing post-workshop.


August, 2013
Los Angeles


Saturday, August 24 • 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Open to all: $75 per person

Sunday, August 25 • 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
By invitation or attendance at first workshop only: $125 per person

Ethos Gallery
7763 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles

Download the above flier as a PDF
Download a Workshop flier PDF
Download the Art Show PDF

Additional Events Surrounding the Art Show Weekend!

Miao flyer_Colour Final_Low Res


April, 2013
Singapore and Malacca
The Source of Joy Workshop


May, 2013 – Washington D.C.

Tantra of Joyful Living

Master Miao May 2013 v5

December 18, 2012 to January 2, 2013 (in two parts)

Teachers Yuan Miao and Axun

Location: Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China (this unique place was the prototype for the movie Avatar‘s Hallelujah Mountain, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Leaders: Master Yuan Miao and Master Axun

Who is Master Yuan Miao?

Quite simply, Yuan Miao is a transmitter of Joy. To meet her is to experience her timeless essence at once. She effortlessly expresses this joy through dance, through chanting, through Shakti paintings, through yoga, and of course in words – words that transcend all language and penetrate all hearts. She was trained by her grandmother, Yeshe Tsuomo (“ocean of wisdom”). This precious lineage was instilled in her from infancy; Grandma gave teachings through the power of chanted mantra.

Yuan Miao gained renown as a director of CCTV documentaries, and experienced the fame and fortune such success could bring.  Yet all these riches faded when her beloved daughter passed away. The pain of loss sparked her deep spiritual journey. She discovered the meaning of life ~ that the spiritual path is not a refuge, but a form of service to others.

In 1999, under the guidance of universal wisdom, she left China and moved to the United  States where she founded the New Century Foundation. She told the story of her remarkable awakening in the book Dancing on Rooftops with Dragons, and has followed that with Reincarnation, and most recently, Grandma’s Heavenly Writings.

In her writings, CDs and Shakti paintings, her goal is the same—to bring ancient wisdom from the East to the fore in this modern world; to share esoteric doctrine with the world and prepare all those she touches to greet the new Phoenix Century.

Who is Master Axun?

Axun is an awakener, a spiritual author, Zen master, an artificial intelligence scientist, and a spiritual coach.

He was a renowned journalist and the director of a top-tier CCTV business and political talk show,”Dialogue.” In 2004, received the highest journalism honor from CCTV – The China Journalist Award.

On June 28, 2009, at the age of 34, Axun experienced a powerful epiphany, a boundary-less Oneness that lasted for months. Axun resigned from CCTV and started writing a series of books on spiritual awakening, including One Enlightened World; One Enlightened Zen; and One Enlightened Metaphor.

In 2010, Dr. Paul Joeng, a distinguished neuroscientist conducted a brainwave examination for Axun. It was concluded that Axun possessed the highest possible brainwave, meaning he has access to pure awareness. His ability to connect with Great Wisdom is a great gift to the whole world. Since 2010, through countless charity events, face to face lessons, webinars, and one to one coaching, Axun has developed over 100 coaching tools that help people to restore their spiritual conscious state and expand the clarity of everyday awareness. These remedies are crystallized from ancient oriental wisdom and western scientific research on human consciousness. They help people to elevate their physical and mental states, restore their awareness, and resolve any psychological issues. Over 20, 000 people have benefited from this experience.

The First Theme: Healing & Elimination

December 18th ~ 24, 2012 (7 day journey)

Zhangjiajie Healing Circle

Special Activity: On December 21, we will pray together in blessing the whole world. When the first EAST time zone time (date) changes from December 20 to December 21 (Beijing Time 8:00, Washington Time 19:00), during the first five minutes after the date change, we will keep silent, hand in hand, speak in our heart: “I love all, all love me.” Or hug the person beside you for five minutes, passing our love around the world. Meanwhile, all our friends around the globe (California, Washington, New York, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen etc.) will join together in this prayer.

The last day: Create a special Christmas celebration and invite all your family members to celebrate with us.

December 25, Christmas Day will be a day of rest & free activities.

The Second Theme: Awaken & Accession

December 26, 2012 ~ January 2, 2013 (7 day journey)

Special Activity: On December 31, create a ceremony to welcome the New Year, welcoming the Phoenix Century, new heaven, new earth, new human beings.

The last day: invite your family members to celebrate with us.

The two themes can be attended independently.

The two masters will lead in different stages, involving Tao Te Ching, the Heart Sutra, Qing Jing Ching, and the Platform Sutra of the Six Patriarch, both indoors and outdoors.

Master Yuan Miao will give talks, teach chanting, mudra, yoga, and spiritual dance.

Master Axun will give talks, teach Zen, dream interpretation, chant sutra, heart-dharma Coach.

Each student will have the opportunity to enter universal sense of spiritual wisdom space, to experience the state of no mind, no focus, no phase (Buddha’s being state).

Zhangjiajie Workshops, 2012

November 3 – November 11, 2012

Singapore workshop poster

Saturday, September 29
1:00 to 3:30 pm

The Fearless Way:
The Transformative Power of Tibetan Mudras and Mantras,
with Loving Tara (Susan Sattler)

These beautiful mudras and mantras come from the Vajrayana lineage of Dakini Yuan Miao. In Vajrayana, beneficial hand gestures known as mudras and holy sounds known as mantras are closely related to powerful and transformative energy. When practiced as part of an integrated system with breath-work, visualization of light and colors, meditation and clear intention, they become secret codes that help us exchange and communicate messages with the universe.

  • Learn to open your central channel to the universal energy source
  • Connect with your true nature as a manifestation of the divine
  • Increase your ability to attune to your own self-healing energy
  • Create the opportunity for emotional, spiritual and physical healing
  • Transcend worry and fear, reclaiming a life of joy and spontaneity
  • Experience being relaxed, centered, energized, clear and balanced
  • Cultivate outer peace through inner peace
  • Enjoy a higher frequency of vibrational energy while elevating your consciousness

Discover the secret keys to help you live The Fearless Way with these powerful mudras and mantras.

Book Release

Susan will also be signing copies of her just-released book, The Fearless Way: 
Mudras, Mantras & Chemo – How Learning to Let Go Saved My Life.

The Goddess Temple of Orange County 
17905 Sky Park Circle, #A, 

Download a PDF flier of this event.

Please feel free to share this with others who might benefit, printed or as an eletronic attachment.

Saturday, September 15
1:00 to 3:30 pm

Introduction to the Yoga of Joy:
Tibetan & Primordial Yoga with Jin Lian Hua (for all genders)

Yoga of Joy is a dynamic, “ancient-future” system of Tibetan Vajrayana and primordial yoga from the lineage of Dakini Yuan Miao. Quiet the mind, soften the body and open the heart. Yoga of Joy reconnects us to our Inner Nature and awakens our full human potential. Return to your primordial state of emptiness wisdom, compassion and clarity while enhancing childlike joy, playfulness and freedom.

  • Learn a complete system of sacred mantra, mudra, postures, breath work, visualization and movement
  • Transform body, breath and mind by harmonizing yin and yang
  • Stabilize and increase awareness of subtle energies
  • Release negative emotions and reclaim joy
  • “Hold center” more masterfully in “turbulence”
  • Elevate your vibrational energy and calmly maintain this frequency
  • Potentiate self-healing abilities

Open the doorway to more joy, clarity and inner peace while helping to heal the collective suffering of humankind.


The Goddess Temple of Orange County
17905 Sky Park Circle, #A,

July 31 – Aug. 10

Miao visited Hawaii for a 10-day retreat with a large group of Chinese students.

July 5 – 8

Ashes to Ashes: Return of the Phoenix
An Intensive Retreat with Yuan Miao

Vajrapani Institute, Boulder Creek, California

Support a collective shift in consciousness by cultivating a clear mind and open heart. Bravely enter the “darkness” and realize that we are the source of light.

Learn to transform your body, breath and mind with sacred tools:

  • Mantra and mudra
  • Purifying breath techniques
  • Visualization and intention
  • Spontaneous, energetic healing practices

Located in the beautiful redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Vajrapani Institute provides a quiet and sacred place for practitioners of all traditions to improve their hearts and minds through extended spiritual retreat.

In addition to three days of workshops with Yuan Miao, the retreat includes all meals prepared by Vajrapani: evening meal on Thursday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

June 2012

Ashes to Ashes: Return of the Phoenix
An Intensive Workshop with Yuan Miao

Learn…  to transform your body, breath and mind with sacred tools:

  • Mantra and mudra
  • Purifying breath techniques
  • Visualization and intention
  • Spontaneous, energetic healing practices

Prepare… body, mind and Spirit to enter the New Century and higher consciousness.

Return to the primordial source of courage, great hope, beauty and abundant healing energy. Welcome the ancient future into your present life.

Purify… your inner world. Transcend fear, doubt, depression, anger, and concerns about survival. Manifest your infinite human potential.

Train… body, breath and mind. Burn through limited concepts and attachments to the three-dimensional world and experience the infinite. Support our collective shift in consciousness by cultivating a clear mind and open heart. Bravely enter the “darkness” and realize that we are the source of light.

Southern California

Saturday, June 23

Ojai Retreat
160 Besant Road Ojai
(805) 646-2536

Sunday, June 24 (Chinese)

源頭活水-鳳凰飛昇系列活動 源淼《姥姥的靈悟天書》導讀工作坊
日期: 6月24日,2012

地點:Monrovia Canyon Park, Conference Cabin
119 W. Palm Ave. Monrovia, CA 91016


Saturday, June 16

Awareness Center
2801 East Foothill Blvd., Pasadena

Sunday, June 17

Goddess Temple of Orange County
17905 Sky Park Circle #A, Irvine
(For women only)

Saturday, June 9

The Hub
2001 S. Barrington Ave., Suite 150, Los Angeles

Northern California

Sunday, June 3

Institute of Noetic Sciences
101 San Antonio Rd., Petaluma

Afternoon Session, followed by dinner with Yuan Miao, and then an evening session.

(Includes dinner provided by IONS: Fish or cage-free poultry is offered along with a vegetarian option.)

March 2012 – Taiwan

In response to an invitation from students in Taiwan, Yuan Miao traveled there in late March to give talks on her newly published book (in Chinese), Grandma’s Heavenly Wisdom, and conducted a two-day workshop entitled “Awakening the Source of Life.”

The tour covered the western part of Taiwan. The talks were given in the cities of Taipei , Chiayi and Kaohsiung, and the workshop was held in Puli, in central Taiwan.

This spiritual tour focused on how to develop a simplified mind, ethereal heart and intelligent human body; how to awaken dumo wisdom and link to the source of life; and how to enhance the light of awakening and to live comfortably, joyfully and securely in 2012.

October 2011 – Taiwan

Miao traveled and taught in Asia. Here’s a poster from one of her appearances in Taiwan.