Vajra Wind Practice ~ a Spiritual Healing Practice

Our lives are book­ended by our first breath and our last.  Breathing defines and unites all humanity as we share the air we breathe each moment we live.  Vajra Wind Breath Prac­tice is a trea­sure revealed by Yuan Miao, and given to those who sincerely seek to learn a profound spiritual healing practice.  Simple & short but very powerful, the prac­tice is both an anti­dote to the abra­sive­ness of modern living and a doorway to a deep­ening connec­tion with the Blue Pearl healing energies.

Ancient Chinese tradi­tion tells us that the body has 72,000 merid­ians, comprised of blood, chi and energy chan­nels.  Through the course of our lives we shed a couple of merid­ians daily, grad­u­ally dimin­ishing our vitality. This meridian matrix is ”designed” to last us 100 years.  Unfor­tu­nately, anger, hate, igno­rance, worry and the desires of the ego erode these chan­nels more quickly.  The Vajra Wind prac­tice is a means to coun­ter­bal­ance, and even reverse this process and revi­talize our selves through its inter­ac­tion with this subtle system

The exer­cises consist of inten­tional breathing combined with visu­al­iza­tion, mantra and body mudra.  Also known as the seven breath­ings, they build on one another through repe­ti­tion and their inter­play with our bodily system.  A Spiritual Healing Practice only works through consis­tent effort; the great value of the Vajra Wind practice is revealed to the dedi­cated aspirant.