Yoga of Joy Practice

Yoga of Joy

Yoga of Joy is a dynamic, “ancient-future” system of Tibetan Vajrayana and primordial yoga from the lineage of Yuan Miao. Quiet the mind, soften the body and open the heart. Yoga of Joy reconnects us to our inner nature and awakens our full human potential. Return to your primordial state of emptiness wisdom, compassion and clarity while enhancing childlike joy, playfulness and freedom.

  •  Learn a complete system of sacred mantra, mudra, postures, breathwork, visualization and movement
  • Transform body, breath and mind by harmonizing yin and yang
  • Stabilize and increase awareness of subtle energies
  • Release negative emotions and reclaim joy
  • “Hold center” more masterfully in “turbulence”
  • Elevate your vibrational energy and calmly maintain this frequency
  • Potentiate self-healing abilities

Open the doorway to more joy, clarity and inner peace while helping to heal the collective suffering of humankind.

Yoga of Joy Level 1 Teacher Training in Taiyuan, China – Spring 2015


We have new graduates! The 2nd ever Yoga of Joy Teacher Training in China ended with a celebration of joyful, heart-opening mantra. The training was comprised mostly of senior students, who intend to share the practices as their dharma. During the training, students deepened their understanding of precious Himalayan teachings and how to teach an esoteric practice like Yoga of Joy. One female student remarked, that in addition to cultivating deeper wisdom and harmonizing our inner feng shui, that Yoga of Joy also benefited her physical health, which improved greatly after delivering her baby. At the end of training, Miao gave a blessing to each graduate, activating their energy to help them discover their “hidden treasure” and to empower their unique aspects as a teacher of Wisdom of Joy.



“I realized that what a student truly needs, is often different from what I might give them. I learned to listen and feel in a way that will help me serve students in the future with the deep understanding and compassion that arises from emptiness.”


~ Nathan Chen, Yoga of Joy, Level 1 Graduate