New Century Foundations teachers have been empowered to teach by Yuan Miao.


Jin Lian HuaJin Lian Hua (Carry Kim)

Following a longterm pilgrimage through Tibet, India and Nepal, Jin Lian Hua met her root teacher, Yuan Miao, in 2003 and became a direct lineage holder of Yoga of Joy. Her foundation lies in Tibetan Vajrayana and esoteric wisdom teachings. She is a yoga therapist (1,000 hours – Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation) and certified Ayurvedic and therapeutic nutrition educator specializing in both raw foods and Ayurveda. A longtime practitioner and advocate of holistic healing, certified in various modalities including: Shiatsu, Vedic-Thai Yoga, breathwork, and Himalayan singing bowl therapy, Jin Lian Hua aims to help individuals live more passionately and transmit more joy.

May we lead with our heart in providing joyful service to others and allow our smile to be our ultimate transmission. Ya la suo! For more information, please visit: tsomo.com

Loving Tara (Susan Sattler)

Susan Sattler had the good fortune to meet Yuan Miao in 2004. She became a lineage holder of the beautiful mudras and mantras from this Vajrayana tradition while using them to fearlessly embrace impermanence and to heal from cancer. She shares this journey in her recently released memoir, The Fearless Way: Mudras, Mantras and Chemo – How Learning to Let Go Saved My Life. 

Susan has been teaching these mudra and mantra practices to students in both East and West for five years in her Universal Wisdom Healing workshops and classes.

She is also a practicing psychotherapist with an M.A. from Stanford University who has spent 25 years helping people move toward greater wholeness and unity in their lives. A life-long spiritual seeker, Susan was raised with a Christian foundation, later studied with a Lakota Sioux medicine man in her native state of South Dakota, and eventually explored a diverse variety of spiritual traditions, including studying at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in California. Her greatest pleasure is sharing with others the transformational vibration we can experience through mudras and mantras, with the pure intention to expand joy and alleviate the causes of suffering. For more information, please visit: Universal-Wisdom.com.

Ming Ming (Jorge Torres)

Ming Ming has been guided in the path since birth. His parents were both sincere Christian practitioners. His mother was a philosophy teacher and exposed him early in life to other faiths. In Los Angeles, Ming Ming was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Swami Yogananda’s foundation president. He then followed Yogananda’s steps in travels throughout India.

In August of 2000 he had the good fortune to meet teacher Yuan Miao and has been able to be closely by her side since then. He is dedicated to sharing with her the Western religions, life styles, and spiritual faiths, while directly receiving some of the unique wisdom that Yuan Miao is offering to the world. His career in photography and television has led him to experience in depth some of the most remarkable places in the world and learn from many cultures on all continents. He has served as Director of Photography, Field Producer and Camera Operator for the Discovery Networks, BBC, ABC and others.  Jorge Torres won an art award at the World Press Photo Competition in 1994.

With his teacher’s blessings, he has developed a creative discovery class entitled Photo Dao.  In this class, we find new openings to our innate creativity. By connecting to the Universal energy flow and allowing ourselves the space to see the beauty in all things, we access our true nature and our incredible capacity to create. We rediscover our own creative potential to see, hear and feel the energy within us, and the energy all around us. It’s an opportunity to re-connect to the Source and co-create with it. For more information, please visit: jorgeltorres.com.

Wei Da for web-2Wei Da (David Holland)

Wei Da met Yuan Miao in 2004 and in 2005 received the Vajra Wind teachings.  Finding this practice enhanced his own well being and vitality he is grateful for the opportunity to share this precious gift with others. A co-founder of the Blue Pearl Group in Mill Valley, he has a back­ground in martial arts and a variety of mystical tradi­tions.  Born in New York City, he earned a BA in Philos­ophy at McGill Univer­sity in Montreal, Canada.  He emigrated to Cali­fornia in 1979 where he now designs and manu­fac­tures furni­ture.  Faith leads us to prac­tice with dedicated  and constant effort.  The prac­tices themselves then unfold to reveal their myriad trea­sures within.