Our Mission

The New Century Foun­da­tion (NCF) is commit­ted to help­ing people expe­ri­ence spir­i­tual awak­en­ing, and achieve a balanced and happy life.  NCF offers a vari­ety of heal­ing and spir­i­tual culti­va­tion programs that are both empow­er­ing and tran­scen­den­tal, as they possess life energy drawn directly from the Source, improv­ing inner strength, clar­ity of mind, and spir­i­tual reso­nance.  Those who are fully commit­ted and able to grasp any of the prac­tices may quickly expe­ri­ence their essence, like a wish fulfilled at the moment it is imag­ined.  Such a person will become joyfully alive in the current moment and embrace the future — not as a source of endless uncer­tainty, fear and worry, but as a possi­bil­ity of infi­nite love, joy and hope.  You are invited to join us onboard as we jour­ney on a wonder­ful life voyage that sets sail in full winds, riding on the spirit of Phoenix Rising.