Phoenix Century Center

Hills in CaliforniaIn 1999, Yuan Miao had a vision. She saw that she had to leave China — leave her success­ful career and priv­i­leged life behind. Her spir­i­tual guides directed her to come to the United States and found the New Century Foun­da­tion. A decade later, NCF is a thriv­ing inter­na­tional orga­ni­za­tion, produc­ing concerts, books, DVDs, work­shops and more – touch­ing the lives of thou­sands – not just in the US, but all over the world.

In 2010 Miao shares a new vision – the Phoenix Century Center — a “spir­i­tual village,” a magnet attract­ing those who want to “come home” to their own spir­i­tual center to renew, reju­ve­nate and rejoice.

The Phoenix Century Center will be a refuge of Pure Joy – a welcome home for all who seek shel­ter from the storm. A magi­cal place, where Love, Compas­sion, Wisdom and Hope can trans­form “turbu­lent dragon energy” into “peace­ful dragon energy,” reliev­ing the pain of not only those who support the Center, but all those they in turn touch.

Like the myth­i­cal phoenix – that flies into a fire, burns itself up and rises from its own ashes reborn — each human being is capa­ble of rising above the pain of their own personal suffer­ing and expe­ri­enc­ing a tran­scen­den­tal real­ity of Pure Joy.

This is the spirit of Phoenix Rising.

You can share in this vision.

New Century Foun­da­tion needs your help. We invite you to join us in this joyful endeavor to real­ize our noble goal.

Thank you for contribut­ing at a level most comfort­able to you:

Member: ($25-$100)
Contrib­u­tor: ($100-$500)
Spon­sor: ($500-$1,000)
Bene­fac­tor: ($1000+)

Your tax-deductible dona­tion will serve as seed capi­tal to help us explore poten­tial loca­tions, attract addi­tional fund­ing, and help make this vision a real­ity.

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