Yuan Miao

Yuan Miao

Yuan Miao was born in Main­land China into a family with a rich Chinese and Tibetan spir­i­tual heritage.  Her Chinese grand­fa­ther was a Zen master.  Her grand­mother, Yeshe Tsuomu, whose name means “Ocean of Wisdom”, was the daugh­ter of a high Tibetan Rinpoche and herself an enlight­ened master deeply connected to the Divine Mother. She named her grand­daugh­ter Yuan Miao –the Source of Infi­nite Water– after receiv­ing a trans­mis­sion from the Divine Mother.

She was Miao’s teacher, guide and guardian, pass­ing down to her a precious ancient dakini lineage.

Many people are unfa­miliar with the mean­ing of ‘dakini’. A dakini embod­ies the divine and dwells in enlight­ened, spacious empti­ness.  She is able to mani­fest and trans­mit hidden esoteric trea­sures: trea­sures such as those of awak­ened conscious­ness. All these come from union with the divine and are them­selves mani­fes­ta­tions of the Divine Mother.  Explor­ing the prac­tices entails “going beyond all concepts” direct to the source; creation and culti­va­tion of direct personal expe­ri­ence takes prece­dence over read­ing and study­ing spir­i­tual texts and scrip­tures.

In her own life, Miao has had a close affin­ity with the Divine Mother — Guanyin  — , since she was three years old, when in a vision, she appeared before Miao as a tradi­tion­ally dressed woman hold­ing a water-filled vase. She conveyed a clear message that she would become a guide for Miao.

Years later, Miao would have the spir­i­tual expe­ri­ence that radi­cally altered her life.  She’d become a success­ful docu­men­tary film direc­tor at CCTV (the central TV station in China), gain­ing worldly expe­ri­ence trav­eling exten­sively through China and other coun­tries.  Follow­ing a dream, she went for a visit to her grand­mother on the full moon in July 1985.  While look­ing out the window the night she arrived, she saw a large globe of light.  She first thought it was a lantern, but the light divided and divided again into smaller spheres.  Grandma recog­nized that it was a truly special event, and that night Miao received empow­er­ments and reve­la­tions from the Divine Mother and the high masters.

After­wards, changed, she had frequent mysti­cal expe­ri­ences and began to spon­ta­neously prac­tice Shakti charged move­ments that she came to under­stand were expres­sions of tradi­tional Tibetan sacred Dumu, which liter­ally means “strong light”.

In 1991, Miao’s only child, her daugh­ter, died from leukemia when she was only nine years old.  Plunged into the deep­est despair, Miao’s faith was shaken and her will to live was lost.  She became suici­dal, but the mysti­cal events and visions contin­ued, and she emerged from the expe­ri­ence reborn; like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she was able to real­ize the true real­ity of life and death, and become completely enlight­ened, having trans­formed her deep suffer­ing into a vast well­spring of compas­sion and joy, a trans­mis­sion she received from the Divine Mother.

In 1999, Miao followed the guid­ance of the Divine Mother – Guan Yin —  to leave China for the United States.  As she relates in her book, On the Wings of Phoenix Rising:

My high master once again confirmed her instruc­tions:
“Leave every­thing behind and go to Amer­ica.”

I then asked: “What shall I do in Amer­ica?”

The answer: “A foun­da­tion.”

Ques­tion: “The name?”

Answer: “The New Century Foun­da­tion.”

Ques­tion: “What shall this orga­ni­za­tion do?”

Answer: “The apex of human civi­liza­tion is created upon the merg­ing of East­ern and West­ern cultures.  At that time, heav­enly bodies shall be aligned with the Great Pyra­mids and other key struc­tures.”

Another ques­tion: “What time will that be real­ized?”

Answer: “Around the year 2050, human beings shall arrive at an unprece­dented culture.”

Follow­ing this direc­tive, Miao left her life and world and emigrated to the U.S. where she has created and directed the evolu­tion of the New Century Foun­da­tion.  Yuan Miao is imbued with precious Phoenix Shakti energy.  She is a both a source and a beacon of esoteric Tantric teach­ings, Mantric heal­ing sounds, Yantric light-filled imagery, Blue Pearl heal­ing energy and a panoply of spon­ta­neous enlight­ened forms of trans­mis­sion. Miao’s energy and person­ality are magnetic; her wide­spread orbit attracts people of all ages from far-flung coun­tries, cultures, and reli­gions as her teach­ings have spread in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

To the many people who have been touched by Yuan Miao, she is consid­ered an embod­i­ment of the Divine Mother, a dearly beloved teacher, healer, friend, mother, or sister.  Just like her name, the Source of Infi­nite Water, Yuan Miao emanates the infi­nite love from the source of life to embrace, encour­age and support every­one who comes into her energy circle – together moving forward hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart, into the future – the new century.