People who have person­ally expe­ri­enced Yuan Miao’s energy have things to say.

Denise Williams, Marin County, CA

Susan Sattler, Sebastopol, CA

Nguyen, Pasadena, CA

David, Ojai, CA

Writ­ten Testi­mo­ni­als


The first time I met dakini master -Yuan Miao -, I was feel­ing devas­tated because a client in my psychol­ogy prac­tice had commit­ted suicide. I was over­whelmed with emotion and unable to quiet my mind. I attended an event at which she was shar­ing spir­i­tual heal­ing prac­tices, includ­ing chant­ing mantras.  As I listened to Miao’s mantric chant­ing I felt a spacious­ness open in my mind. All the ener­gies of anxi­ety, sadness, anger and trauma began to dissolve as I connected with the vibra­tion of her chant­ing and mirac­u­lously, although I regret­ted my client’s choice, I began to expe­ri­ence an exquis­ite sense of joy.

Two years later I was diag­nosed with cancer. Every day I listened to the mantric chant­ing from Dakini Master Yuan Miao and prac­ticed her Joyful Yoga, and every day I felt that same sense of spacious mind and pure joy. All of my cells seemed to be filled with light. Over the course of treat­ment, not only did my phys­i­cal body heal, but I also expe­ri­enced a profound spir­i­tual trans­for­ma­tion. I have now been in complete remis­sion for six and a half years. I expe­ri­enced no nega­tive side effects from the West­ern treat­ment I under­went. I entered a state of no fear. I believe it was my faith and connect­ing with a higher vibra­tional frequency through Miao’s mantric chant­ing and my prac­tice of Joyful Yoga that healed me.

Susan Sattler, Psychother­a­pist

M.A. Stan­ford Univer­sity


Studying with Dakini Master Yuan Miao had transformed my life to its core

Where do I begin….?  Study­ing with Dakini Master Yuan Miao had trans­formed my life to its core. After a short period of time of prac­tic­ing I had a life chang­ing expe­ri­ence.

There were many real­iza­tions, but allow me briefly to share my real­iza­tion of empti­ness.  About 2 or 3 years of prac­tic­ing with Dakini Master Miao, I was prac­tic­ing dumo(transmitted by Master Miao), I started seeing things as they were but yet simul­ta­ne­ously seeing the empty nature in all things.  There are no sequences.  Its like seeing all mate­r­ial things like build­ing, houses, cars, money, relationship…etc. and yet simul­ta­ne­ously they were empty in nature.  From that time on it is easier for me to detach myself from attach­ments.

There are no words to describe my grat­i­tude to Dakini Master Miao except for my full body pros­tra­tion to my root guru.

Om mani padme hum!!

Eugene Sun, Wash­ing­ton DC


This is a great story about a first meet­ing with Yuan Miao: http://gongablog.blogspot.com/


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