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Solstice 2017

Tashi Delek! 

Happy Belated Summer Solstice! Enter the doorway to the coming New Century! The Divine is calling you!

May you carry your ashes with dignity during this burning, Phoenix Rising year and era. Teacher Miao strongly encourages us to continue our practices to empower our bodies, minds and Spirits. Ancient-Future wisdom, pure joy and a strong Vajra Nature offer calm harbors in a “burning” world. Trust the Ancestors and the Divine. Let go and let rise! Never give up!

“In Grandma’s Heavenly Writings, Miao shares prophecies received from the Divine and Grandma and predicts that all current political, religious, economic and social systems of the world will inevitably transform. We live in accelerated, evolutionary times, the “burning times” of the Phoenix, yet there is nothing to fear. It is a time of great awakening and karmic opportunity. We each carry the DNA of both a karma dragon with lessons to learn and complete, and an enlightenment dragon, who has vowed to assist humanity’s spiritual evolution. With strong Vajra faith, our enlightenment dragon can escort our karma dragon to the ecstasy of our True Nature. This is the promise and potential of our human life – to restore our connection to the Divine and live joyfully and harmoniously with the cosmos. Continue allowing your heart to surrender, expand and radiate emptiness wisdom. May your twin dragon energies be unified into a mandala of abundance, peace and compassion. Keep going and trust in the Phoenix’s eventual rise and rebirth. So ha, so ha, so ha! Ya la suo!

Phoenix Rising: A Mantric Journey of the Heart 

@ LMU’s Yoga Day! Saturday | 9.16 | 7:00 – 9:00pm

Loyola Marymount University | Yoga Day Directions & Details

Free to the public

Teacher Miao and the Phoenix Rising band will offer a Phoenix Rising mantric concert at LMU! The concert will complete a day-long festival, LMU’s annual Yoga Day which features numerous classes in Yoga, meditation and more. Jin Lian Hua will teach Vajra Wind and Yoga of Joy prior to the concert that day. Rise and fly with the LMU community!

Yoga of Joy with Jin Lian Hua | LMU Yoga Day

Saturday | 9.16 | 5:00 – 6:15pm Loyola Marymount University

Yoga Day Directions & Details  | Free to the public

YoJ and Vajra Wind return to LMU! To “open” the Way for the evening, Jin Lian Hua will teach YoJ and Vajra Wind as a prelude to Teacher Miao’s Phoenix Rising Mantric Concert. Practice in community, empty the mind, open the heart and attune the body for the high vibrations of Teacher Miao and the Phoenix Rising Band! Complete your Yoga Day with the vibrational “tattoo” of Phoenix Rising!

New Mantric EP Releases!

We’re thrilled to announce that Teacher Miao and the Phoenix Rising Band are finalizing post-production on several new mantric releases including mantras such as: Om Mani Padme Hum, the Divine Mother, Zambala’s Mantra, Green Tara’s Mantra, Blue Pearl and more!

Keeping it all in the “family,” Nick Young, who happens to be Eddie Young’s son, joined the Phoenix Rising Band for this project, contributing mesmerizing sitar-playing.  Brian Hardin, who’s worked with the likes of prominent spiritual figures such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, Indigenous tribes including the Hopi and Lakota as well as famous artists Guns N’ Roses and India Arie, contributed many hours of sound expertise as our humble and skillful producer. Expect these releases to move many a heart, while reverberating waves of infinite love and compassion far and wide! Stay tuned…for their arrival.

The Phoenix Rises in Asia! 

There are now 43 YoJ Centers in Asia. Click below to find centers in China, Singapore and Malaysia. Share and post this link on social media to help widen the circle of YoJ practitioners in Asia and beyond. Check back monthly for new listings!

YoJ Centers in Asia

Teacher Miao in Guangzhou! 

Om Zambala Zalendaye So Ha!


Magical Ceremonies and Adventures with Damanhur!

The Phoenix continues to rebirth and rise! Enjoy this powerful transmission of Damanhurian energy!

Teacher Miao’s welcome into the Damanhur Federation was much like two great world leaders uniting with a common mission: to guide the future of humanity.unnamed-3

Damanhur’s profound spiritual community has embraced us with open arms and loving hearts; they are a kindred community of avatars who have committed to the sacred mission of supporting, elevating and restoring Oneness on the planet to birth a New Humankind. Many of the inhabitants are deeply connected to the ancient community of Atlantis.


With great heart, Damanhur’s inhabitants are diligently re-connecting planetary grids to balance and restore our physical world energetically; re-aligning galactic grids to open the way for free-flowing communication and connection with multi-dimensional worlds.


mmexport1471916953066Upon entering Damanhur, Teacher Miao was invited to stay at a guest house in a quiet pasture, where the occasional lull of cowbells could be heard echoing in the field. This place was like a dream from childhood, reminding Miao of time spent at Grandma’s home in Tibet, listening to yaks strolling the land, their bells tickling the air softly. That night, as a sign of auspiciousness to come, a baby calf was born right outside her window.unnamed-6

The day after we arrived, we were formally introduced to a couple hundred members during a community meeting in the main events hall. Teacher Miao briefly shared a mantra, which deeply penetrated the hearts of those present.

The following day because of our strong affinity and shared mission to benefit the world’s elevation in consciousness, an impromptu Mantric Sound Healing Concert was organized at the Open Temple. A few members of Damanhur’s music team accompanied Miao. The concert, dedicated to the elders and founders of Damanhur was magical, potentiated by the sacred energetic space and intention of Damanhur’s residents. One 96-year old elder shared how Teacher Miao’s Divine transmission deeply touched his soul. Another healer shared how her mantras transported her to a past life in Tibet.


We were guided into the Sacred Underground Temples where Teacher Miao transmitted more of her lineage and dakini wisdom through Divine Mantras to help members align more deeply with the spiritual, energetic grid and to connect us all with the entire cosmos. She contributed ancient-future mantric transmissions to further support the alignment of Divine energies for the benefit of Gaia and the emergence of a new humankind. This was truly a cosmic-scale Phoenix Rising event.


On another day, we were invited to connect with the holiest trees of the Sacred Forest, which sit atop the Underground Temple. These trees serve as antennas which transmit energy throughout the multi-verse. Here, in the forest, Teacher Miao was invited to guide a group of sacred healers newly in training at Damanhur. She taught them some of her Divine wisdom mantras, which immediately opened and expanded their energetic channels. Several trainees spontaneously burst into tears, while others remembered past lives. Some even experienced the opening of their throat chakras.


Damanhur is renowned for their unique, scientific system to co-create harmonic sounds and sacred vibrations with the plant world, something they’ve developed and refined over several years. We were introduced to this mystical world of plant-based vibrational music and Teacher Miao was invited to “play” with the plant world. This joyful melody created with the generous spirit of plants, awakened an ancient remembrance of unity, love, harmony and peace within us — leaving us in tears of joy and our hearts full with the deep unnamed-10knowing of who we truly are and where we come from.


Teacher Miao was spontaneously invited to contribute to a cosmic ceremony in one of the sacred spaces of Damanhur which houses a holy labyrinth of crystals which holds the lineages of all authentic masters who have graced Damanhur. Holding the energies of all spiritual traditions worldwide, this “living” labyrinth serves as a cosmic “lineageholder” for Planet Earth and its inhabitants, and is connected to all of Damanhur’s underground temples. Here, a direct transmission is embedded into selected crystals from a recognized lineage bearer of each tradition. Miao imparted the Tibetan Dakini lineage into crystals which she selected to eternally hold the lineage in the labyrinth. The vibrations of her profound mantras resonated deeply in the hearts of everyone present.


By empowering the planetary grid with her sacred mantras and ancestral dakini lineage forevermore, human beings with awakened consciousness and a pure, loving heart, will be able to cosmically access and benefit from the universal teachings of the lineage. The skydancer lineage truly exists in the sky! The image above displays the potent crystals selected by Teacher Miao.

During another sacred ceremony, Teacher Miao  was similarly asked to bless and empower the Temple of the People with her dakini lineage. Created by hand with great love, The Temple of the People is dedicated to all ancestral peoples of all ethnicities since time immemorial, all current inhabitants of the Earth and all future sentient beings to come.

Teacher Miao was presented two gifts, one, a precious scarf, spun from unique, organic Damanhur-grown cotton fibers; these sacred scarves are reserved only for living masters who have embedded their precious lineages in Damanhur’s living labryinth. Secondly, she was given an exclusive and secret gift, which only she is permitted to touch. Both were offered to bless our ancient-future connection and auspicious future together.


We have great affinity with the community of Damanhur and support their powerful intentions and inspired actions to uplift and accelerate the transformation of consciousness on Earth. They are truly upholding a high vibrational frequency on the entire planet for the benefit of all beings.


May our connection and expansion with Damanhur continue to grow in Oneness. May we complete the rise and rebirth of the Phoenix!


Ya la suo!

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha.

So ha, so ha, so ha!




June 20, 2016

Happy Full Moon & Summer Solstice!

Happy Phoenix Rising! 

For millennia, Summer Solstice, has been honored in cultures throughout the world, as a celebration of the arrival of Summer.


The Native Americans celebrate Summer Solstice as a time of connecting Heaven and Earth. For many cultures the Summer Solstice is related to fertility and harvest. Solstice originates from the Latin roots “sol” and “sistere,” which can be translated as the “stillness of the sun,” for on Solstice, the sun hovers above the Tropic of Cancer before moving southward again. This stillness happens everywhere at the same “time.” How wonderful! Universal stillness!




As we head into the Phoenix time of Summer, may you augment and abide in joy amidst the rising flames of the mundane world. Fuel your inner Phoenix with fire and ashes. Yummy!

Remember, to keep your dharma eyes focused on your cosmic “farmland,” not the small plot which you may mistakenly think is “yours.” Teacher Miao reminds us that focusing on this small piece of farmland, goes hand in hand with suffering. May you go up the mountain; understand the reality of the small farmland and trade up for…the infinite farmland of the multi-verse! To becoming a joyful, cosmic farmer!


Ya la suo! 


Om tare tuttare ture so ha! 


To pursue wealth and fame you need to exert yourself; to pursue love and happiness you need to exert yourself. Only when pursuing Self-realization do you simply need to live in the present moment. If you remain intent on the present moment, the Universe will open up to you. It is up to you to bear your own fruit.

~ Yuan Miao, High Consciousness Painting

YoJ at Loyola Marymount University!

Saturday | 9.17 | Complimentary to the public

Save the date! This Fall, we return to Yoga Day at LMU, to share Yoga of Joy once again! Jin Lian Hua will most likely be teaching the practice, but there is a wild hair chance that Teacher Miao may make a cameo appearance. We’ll keep you posted as we know more. In any case, join us in cultivating an empty mind, loving heart and smart body to fuel your Return to Nature. Yoga of Joy is always energetically potentiated when practiced in community. Stay tuned for more details! 



October 20, 2015

Fall Update

Well, well, well…pumpkin time is upon us yet again!

To inaugurate the coming of Fall we had a brief, but eventful tour with Teacher Miao in LA!



We celebrated Loyola Marymount University’s (LMU) Yoga Day with an introductory class of Yoga of Joy. Yoga Day was filled with workshops and lectures from various yogic traditions including classical Yoga Therapy, Sanskrit & Sutra studies to modern Acro Yoga. We were happy to join in on the occasion to share the ancient, “emptiness wisdom” of Yoga of Joy.

Our class was filled to overflowing and unfortunately, due to our capacity, some folks had to be turned away. However, all was not lost as these students patiently sat outside the door, ready to receive Teacher Miao’s mantric voice! That’s good!

Everyone’s spirits were high as Teacher Miao shared the 4 “types” of joy. The first joy, requires that we love ourselves; joy begins within. Secondly, we must love the world and all its manifestations: up, down, good, bad, hard, easy. However, the world appears, we must learn to have a joyful response and attitude toward it! Thirdly, by loving our ancestors, teachers and teachings we solidify our joy. Lastly, there’s the love of emptiness and the ultimate joy of enlightenment!




We practiced several steps of Yoga of Joy, but the highlight was of course, mantra since Teacher Miao truly wanted to transmit esoteric sound healing. Together, we purified ourselves and released stuck energies through a bit of dakini movement combined with Guan Yin’s heart mantra: Om mani padme hum! Then everyone moved into stillness to quietly receive high vibrational frequencies from Teacher Miao’s mantric voice and a few members of her Phoenix Sound Healing team. Christo Pellani, Eddie Young and Vito Gregoli all joined in with bells, frame drums and singing bowls to help support the high energy field.


All in all it was a powerful, packed event with old students, Mainlander students, new students and everything in between! By the end of the brief, 1-hour class, everyone’s smiles had brightened and our human loads felt infinitely lighter! All students got to experience firsthand the energy of “Ya la suo!” Celebrate! No matter what…


As Divine serendipity would have it, Teacher Miao also manifested an intimate, profound concert at Jane Gehr’s Guan Yin-infused home. Jane has long been a devotee of Guan Yin, and in virtually every corner, one will encounter a statue, an image or token of Guan Yin energy.

Jane's Concert Guan Yin

The concert was a scaled-down redux of the sound healing concert Teacher Miao and the Phoenix Rising Sound Healing Team toured in China. It was a wonderful opportunity for a select group of film producers, singers, psychiatrists, healers and yogis to experience the healing power of Miao’s mantric voice.

At the close of the event, we chanted, “Om mani padme hum,” surrounding the pool, which glowed with a subtle pink hue, the color of unconditional love and solidified our commitment to journey hand in hand and heart to heart to the New Century.

Jane's Concert Pool

For any of you who missed Teacher Miao being interviewed by host Heidi Valdies on The Unsung Goddess, thanks to modern technology…you haven’t missed a thing! Click the link below and hear Teacher Miao discuss Kundalini and Shakti energy and how best to receive empowerment from these energies. Miao discusses why modern day people who practice at a superficial level often encounter confusion and negative emotions. Learn how to fulfill your spiritual vow by connecting to Shakti or Phoenix energy with the strength of Vajra Pride.

An excerpt from the interview where Miao discusses the lotus’s guru: 

Teacher Miao: It’s mud! Right? You’ll never see a lotus growing very healthy, beautifully in clear water. A real lotus, the most beautiful lotus has to have the foundation of mud for…this is the personality or essence of a lotus. The lotus is always humbly bowing down to their guru, which is mud. This is the tantric way. Tantric practice. Not idealistic! Many spiritual practitioners, since they became spiritual practitioners…they got another identity, “I’m spiritual. I’m a spiritual practitioner.” They go from being materialistic to being idealistic. But, they still have a lot of habits…human habits or human needs about the material world. That’s why they’re confused. When they think something about the material world, they say, “I’m so greedy! I shouldn’t think about that.” This is another reason for fear. They fear themselves. And that makes them tired. They feel so contradictory. They don’t know how to balance this.

We recommend listening to this highly relevant show! In fact, give it more than a few listens to capture the point. Let the message percolate deeply…

Dakini Yuan Miao and the True Purpose of Yoga on The Unsung Goddess

Unsung Goddess Blog Talk Radio

Until we meet again, “That’s good!”

Ya la suo! 


August 14, 2015

Yoga of Joy Training in China completed!

We trust you’re remaining cool in the fire of Summer!

We’re happy to announce the completion of the second Level 1 training of Yoga of Joy, taught by teacher Miao & Liao Liao.  The Phoenix is flying high in Mainland China with 78 certified Yoga of Joy teachers in our midst! The Wisdom of Joy is spreading like wildfire, providing food for Phoenixes in the East. Because of these teachers, Yoga of Joy classes are now available weekly at 24 centers throughout Asia!


This June, teacher Miao & the Phoenix Team returned to the sacred site of Wutai Mountain to partake in a new, in-depth workshop on Meditation & Liberation. Wutai Mountain has long been revered by Buddhists and Taoists and is considered a home to the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Manjushri.


Though the weather forecast was gloomy, predicting clouds and rain, the participants were met with a sparkling, golden sun, pure white clouds and empty, blue skies. Wutai Mountain was clearly celebrating everyone’s arrival and the coming Wisdom of Joy immersion.


During the 3-day workshop, teacher Miao elaborated on the lineage and dharma of Wisdom of Joy. She invited and guided all participants to return to the primordial Source and connect with her ancient Dakini lineage.

One student’s testimonial:


” …I felt a strong and warm energy on my back and a strong vibration from the ground…I felt I was brought to this world followed by anxiety, hurries, worries, and tiredness …Afterwards, various kinds of laughter resonated from everywhere, which felt very familiar. It seemed that “they” were laughing at my obsession, attachment and egotism…Then I experienced a big bang, and the whole world fell suddenly silent…Shortly thereafter, a gentle breeze lifted me far, far away — it got brighter and brighter…after getting rid of all restrictions, it felt as if I was returning to my home beyond the white clouds…In a flash, my heart was filled with joy, warmth and anticipation…Later on, I felt my feet touch the ground. Although I still couldn’t see or talk, I could feel each vow everyone had made in class rising from my heart one after another: some prayed for their children’s health; some prayed to reunite with loved ones; others prayed for happiness despite pain…At that moment, I shed spontaneous tears and felt overcome by the compassion of Gods, Buddhas and Divine Beings. I learned that when our vows are embedded in us strongly, they can be felt by all the Gods; they become omnipresent. In that moment, I realized that our bright nature can never be extinguished, nor will it ever leave us; this is the eternity we must wholeheartedly cherish.


Christo Pellani, an accomplished musician, renowned sound healer and member of Miao’s Phoenix Rising Mantric Sound Healing Team, joined forces with teacher Miao to deliver subtle body sound healing through an array of instruments: bells, singing bowls, chimes, and drums of all shapes and sizes. Despite the language barrier, Christo was extremely grateful for and deeply touched by the potent energy of the workshop. He repeatedly expressed that despite having worked with numerous spiritual leaders around the world, that he was moved by teacher Miao’s essence, profound teachings and the collective devotion of the participants.



May 1, 2015

Tashi Delek! Happy Spring!

As part of the rapid spread of the dharma in Mainland China, Miao and her Phoenix Rising sound healing team held a Phoenix Rising Mantra concert in  Zhejiang Province, China in April. It will be the first of many more to come…


Over a thousand people received blessings of Phoenix Rising Energy and trans-missions of the ancient eastern “Joyful Wisdom Phoenix Rising Mantra.”


It was a night of profound spiritual transformation as the audience’s collective heart was ignited by  Miao’s ethereal chanting and the free, creative spirit of her Western sound healing team. These six world-class musicians incorporated sacred instruments from around the world to invoke the healing sounds of the five-elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Each musician contributed their own creative essence to the process and together with the blessings of the Divine Mother and Miao’s playfully compassionate presence, uplifted the entire audience with high-vibrational energy to enhance our collective consciousness, physical as well as inner strength.


“No brilliant lighting, no noisy sound testing, only a solemn performance stage, silently inviting the audience to ‘calm down and open your mind to listen'” wrote a professor who had never encountered Miao before. She continued, “Listening to the mantra, I felt all of my pores and viscera were opened, allowing spiritual sound to flow in and I spontaneously burst into tears. When I looked around I realized that a large number of people were also crying joyfully, many of whom were males. The tears streamed from their longstanding pressure, sadness and toxins held in the body. Nowadays, scientists may not have solid findings on sound healingupon the physical body, but it is such a great miracle.” 


One woman also happily expressed that although she initially had an upset stomach, she experienced relief immediately after listening to Miao’s chanting and receiving the healing vibrations of the instruments.


When Alex Perez performed a solo song about the relationship between parents and their children, a young 14-year old girl started sobbing. Because of the high expectations her parents had placed upon her, she had become angry and frustrated. After hearing Miao’s subsequent healing mantras, she continued to shed deep tears which purified her negative emotions. Miao later commented that the girl had opened her heart and experienced a deep, spiritual transformation. Her newfound spiritual awareness had transformed the ashes of her past into smiles of joy and liberation.


Throughout the concert, Miao encouraged the audience to participate. She invited the audience to “dance with their fingers” and trace the “lingering” sound vibrations instead of applauding, which would disturb the subtle, vibrational energy of a song or mantra. She later asked the audience to choose a star from a video projection of space, to make friends with it, and offer it a warm “hug.” Having a star “friend” reminds us that we are never “alone” in the universe.


Miao chanted the Blue Pearl mantra to teach the audience that they are the precious jewel in the lotus and are never separate from the Divine. The Blue Pearl lives within us as our own indestructible, Buddha nature.   


During Prajna Paramita mantra, Miao explained that even though many in the audience are smart, successful individuals, they still feel depressed, confused and fearful. This is due to a lack of understanding Prajna Paramita — the ultimate, emptiness wisdom.

Prof. Yaonong Tian, Dean of Music School (HNU), welcomed the audience by explaining that unlike modern pop music, mantra is a primordial “music” that our ancestors used in ancient times to cultivate spiritual awareness, connect with the Divine, pray for blessings, and prevent disaster. Over one thousand years ago, there were numerous cases of sound healing recorded in China.      

“Phoenix Rising Mantra” delivers this primordial form of “music.” The therapeutic effect and profound healing of the heart invoked by “Phoenix Rising Mantra,” originates from the blessings and universal source of Divine energy. This mantra connects us directly to Guan Yin and super consciousness–through the sacred “cord” of sound, we realize we are Guan Yin and the transformative power of the Phoenix itself.  


When the concert ended, many attendees could not bear to leave this high vibrational experience behind. They lingered long into the night, to “stay connected” and receive blessings from Miao and the Phoenix Rising sound healing team.  

February, 2015

Tashi Delek & Happy almost Lunar New Year!

The Year of the Sheep will soon be upon us all, a year portended to be a time of great, creative manifestation!

In 2014, the NCF dharma boat set sail, fulfilling a prediction by Miao that NCF’s mission would expand, more people would gravitate to the teachings and the dharma would spread far and wide at an accelerated pace. The numerous high-potency events of 2014 and the increasing interest in the dharma, particularly in Asia, are proof positive that the Divine time has come for NCF to spread its wings!

In 2014, Miao and NCF were active on many fronts and shared teachings and practices with numerous, diverse communities. This year included:

In the U.S.: 

  • Miao appeared as a presenter on Himalayan Therapeutic Sonic Breathwork at USC’s “International Conference in Yoga, Meditation and Integrative Health” in September. The event was sponsored in part by the Institute of Integrative Health of the USC Keck School of Medicine.
  • Dr. Aleks Smirnov, staff scientist of the NIH (National Institute of Health) joined Miao at USC’s Int’l Conference above, to validate and further expound upon the scientific/clinical benefits of Vajra wind breath practices and sound healing from Miao’s Dakini lineage.
  • Miao held a month-long sacred art exhibition, The Art of Yantra: Divine Transmissions and a corresponding workshop, Shakti! The Art of Creation, at Loyola Marymount University, a private university renowned for offering higher education in Yoga in August-September.

In Asia:

  • The book, Yoga of Joy, was published in Mainland China in March, and reprinted in May. It is the first book of Miao’s to be published in Mainland China.
  • Miao conducted book-signings in four major cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu in April & May.
  • Miao, together with five other sound healing experts and spiritual musicians from the U.S., held two mantric chanting healing concerts in Lang Fang, a suburb of Beijing, China in September.
  • In Fall, Miao and the Phoenix Rising team, conducted six workshops in Beijing, Wuhan and Wutai Mountain in mainland China; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Puli, Taiwan, and Bali, Indonesia.
  • NCF conducted the inaugural Yoga of Joy Teacher’s training in China and Malaysia. 63 students were conferred the title of Yoga of Joy Teacher: 56 from China, 3 from Singapore and 4 from Malaysia.

Om mani padme hum as Miao says, is the source of all creative manifestation in form, whether it be Shakti art, concerts, retreats , workshops or trainings. All forms spring from “Om mani padme hum,” Guan Yin’s heart mantra.

Some highlights from 2014:

Retreat to Bali!

261During this year’s retreat, Miao explained that there are 4 kinds of joy: 1) liking ourselves 2) loving the world, so we can contribute 3) liking our ancestors and sages in order to have Zen happiness 4) liking “ultimate wisdom.”  In addition to this, there are four kings supporting our life: 1) principles/practices 2) wealth (material support) 3) companions 4) Earth/environment (home, country, etc.). All of the “problems” in our life arise from these 8 aspects, however if we stay in “silent, relaxed space”–if we can rest in stillness and connect with superconsciousness, we can understand and hear the answers to these problems. Ultimately, as Miao shared, “There is no past. It never happened. And the future happened already.” We must believe and understand this.

260There are two obstacles to enlightenment: 1) distorted or imaginary thoughts 2) attachment, particularly attachment to the way we think. We have infinite power, but it is limited and inaccessible due to attachment. The biggest illusion is self-attachment.

259Dakinis have no time- space limitations and practice the wisdom of Prajna-paramita (Ultimate Wisdom) and emptiness. They have no rituals, no forms, no rules and their actions are unlimited. Dakinis exist beyond karma and practice the Art of Life, which is to see Beauty all the time, in everything– all challenges, all beings, all situations. We must stop complaining and rejoice in, “That’s good!” instead of perceiving things as “bad.”

262As this is the time of the Phoenix, we must each practice gratitude, allow ourselves to surrender to high energy and embrace trans-formation with an empty heart and simple mind. The foundation of all spiritual arts is relaxation, then silence, wisdom and lastly, action.  If we remember this, we will not easily be overwhelmed by emotions, experience hurt or tiredness. We can play with life!

First Healing Sound concert in Beijing!

In mid-September, amidst the beautiful grounds of the five-star Ovation Hotel Resort in Lang Fang, China, Miao and a team of musical artists and sound healers performed two powerful concerts for leaders of prestigious health care communities from different parts of the globe. This concert was the first of its kind to be shared in China. It was incredible to witness the traditions from the East and West as they were brought together through the magic of music in order to create a safe space for the audience to experience the transformative possibility of sound alchemy.

The team created a vibrant and unique canvas for Miao to share her heart with these audiences. In addition to collaborating with Miao, each team member was invited to bring their own original song offerings as well, which created a vibrant and perfectly harmonious tapestry of musical genres.

266 263 245 264 265

Inaugural Yoga of Joy Teacher Training in China! 

Sixty-three official Yoga of Joy teachers now exist in China, Singapore and Malaysia! Headed by Liao Liao, and ultimately guided by Miao, the teacher trainings concluded with Miao’s final transmission and empowerment. Certificates were then granted to trainees, following completion of both their 5-day Level 1 training and passing the final “test” administered by Miao. Level 2 and Level 3 trainings will be offered in the future to help teachers deepen their wisdom and ability to  transmit the teachings and practices from Miao’s Dakini lineage. Trainings were held in five cities: Xi’an, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia. The new Yoga of Joy teachers have already begun spreading Yoga of Joy through workshops, regular group practices, teaching at schools, etc. The Divine vibration in China is rising!

236 239 237

Until next we meet, romance yourselves and remember you are always held in the central channel of Guan Yin!

Ya la suo!

February 2014

As we gallop into the Year of the Horse, many of us are noticing that the pace of change is accelerating. Whether we live in the East or the West, our world seems to be shrinking, and the planetary challenges faced by the entire human race seem to be increasing in intensity. Welcome to the age of Phoenix Rising! For those of us who enjoy soaring the Phoenix Rising currents with Miao, the good news is that fresh opportunities for profound and playful transformation are right around the corner.

On Saturday, February 22, and Saturday, March 1, Miao will lead two precious workshops at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) from 1-6 pm in St. Robert’s Hall Auditorium. (see the events page for full details and registration information)

Both of these workshops are open to the general public as well as the LMU student body, which includes Masters candidates and undergrads devoted to the study of Yoga. The workshops offer a special opportunity to experience the intensity of Miao’s teachings at a deeper, more advanced level. Because LMU is a prestigious institution with a dedicated Yoga Studies program, Miao intends to up the “ante” in what and how she teaches, to empower and transmit to all attendees the direct experience of Yoga’s true purpose–which is of course, enlightenment. While the workshops are not being billed as “intensives” they will undoubtedly be deeply penetrating.IMG_2755

Every workshop with Miao opens the sacred portal through which Kundalini Dragon energy and Phoenix Shakti energy can unite; Guan Yin’s energy fans the flames of our own unique rebirth into higher awareness and augments our capacity to love. Experiencing rebirth is different for each of us. It may entail a dramatic shift in perspective, invigorate our sense of freedom, or help us heal painful emotions and physical conditions. It may spontaneously unleash feelings and perceptions that we’ve never experienced before. Or it may simply engender an unprecedented state of thunderous stillness. Whatever form our energetic rebirth takes, it’s a precious experience deeply cherished by those of us who aspire to soar among the highest realms of consciousness.

Every workshop with Miao opens the sacred portal through which Kundalini Dragon energy and Phoenix Shakti energy can unite; Guan Yin’s energy fans the flames of our own unique rebirth into higher awareness and augments our capacity to love. Experiencing rebirth is different for each of us. It may entail a dramatic shift in perspective, invigorate our sense of freedom, or help us heal painful emotions and physical conditions. It may spontaneously unleash feelings and perceptions that we’ve never experienced before. Or it may simply engender an unprecedented state of thunderous stillness. Whatever form our energetic rebirth takes, it’s a precious experience deeply cherished by those of us who aspire to soar among the highest realms of consciousness.

The Phoenix is a mythical bird which has long symbolized our potential for rebirth and renewal from suffering and challenging experiences.
Phoenix Rising
energy enables us to transcend our limited human concepts and attachments to a three-dimensional world. When the Phoenix energy rises within us, we can directly experience the Infinite in daily life.
Infinite possibilities. Infinite bliss. Infinite peace. Infinite beauty. Ya la suo!


December 2013

Dear friends,

Happy Holidays! As you are embraced by cheerful Christmas music and colorful Christmas lights, I’d like to personally thank each one of you for committing both time and effort to supporting the growth of NCF in 2013.

I know many of you are “busy” during this time of year.  While many activities are going on “outside,” I want to remind all of you to be aware of what is happening “inside,” notice any feelings of rushing and anxiety that may arise due to the “busy-ness” of the holiday season.

Soon we will be celebrating the New Year, 2014, as well as the traditional lunar Tibetan and Chinese New Year, the coming Year of the Horse.

Horses represent devotion, vitality and patience. In 2014, the boat of NCF will set sail, under the guidance of the Divine. Therefore, I’d like to invite all of you to climb aboard! Together, we will sail to the New Century with great devotion, vitality and patience.

Love you all.

Yuan Miao

December 2013 -1

Simple mind, loving heart, smart body:  The Shakti Energy of Fall 2013

In 2013, the Phoenix truly emerged and began to spread its wings more fully. Miao held numerous, widely attended Phoenix Rising workshops in USA, and in places as far afield as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and the mystical, spiritually energetic island of Bali. It has been a profound year of Divine Mother energy and the creative spark of Shakti. Seeds were also planted with Loyola Marymount University (LMU), renowned for its Masters and advanced education programs in Yoga. Miao will soon teach a series of Phoenix Rising workshops at LMU in Marina del Rey, CA (February 22 and March 1, 2014).

In September, Miao visited Taiwan to release her new book, Yoga of Joy, as well as the second edition of “Reincarnation,” now entitled, Dare to Die Any Time: Live Fearlessly.

December 2013 -2

December 2013 -3

Miao’s Phoenix Rising workshop, Taipei


Following her successful and widely attended On the Wings of Phoenix Rising sacred art exhibit in Los Angeles in August, Miao held a similar “high-consciousness painting” exhibition in Long Feng, China (“Dragon and Phoenix town”). The event was particularly unique due to its location at the Ke Han temple, a sacred shrine which represents the fearless male energy of the universe: the location and Miao’s “mantra” that we “live fearlessly” created a special vibrational resonance for viewers. During the exhibit, Miao conducted an intensive workshop, attended by over 400 people.

In November, Miao held two separate 3 day workshops at Xian’s – Zhong Nan Mountain, famous as the birthplace of Lao Zi’s Tao Te Ching.  Zhong Nan Mountain is believed to be the manifestation of the female (Mother) energy of the universe.



Miao and students “returning to Nature,” Xi’an

These workshops were created for the benefit of the public and were offered at no charge. Both workshops together drew roughly 420 participants. Many new and diverse people of all ages and backgrounds were exposed to Miao and the teachings. One of these workshops was uniquely transformative due to one recalcitrant and combative student.

At the workshop, Miao shared that there are three types of students:

1) High wisdom students who immediately understand the teachings without distortion.

2) Students who do not understand the teachings, yet, also do not want to “do” anything based simply upon trust in the teachings. They are loaded with questions and are simultaneously determined and skeptical.

3) Students who do not understand the teachings yet follow or practice the teachings based purely on faith. These students “just do it.”

Miao’s “nemesis” student challenged her, asserting that he was the second type of doubting student. That night, after Miao publicly answered all of his “questions,” he acquiesced and said he would attempt to be the “third kind of student” at the workshop. Despite this, the next day, the student engaged in several angry outbursts and spewed out antagonistic questions, reflecting his own inner anger. This student admittedly had long-term anger management issues. The next day, through a public healing in front of the audience with Prajna Paramita chanted by Miao, and Han Han accompanying her on dijiridu, the student slowly began to transform his inner fire. Toward the end of the healing session, Miao gave him the dharma name of “Le Le” which translates as “happy, joyful.” Through the grace of Miao’s disarming, motherly compassion, that entire night, post-healing session, the student could hear Miao chanting the “Blue Pearl.” Thoughts of Miao even began to instill in him an overwhelming urge to hug other students. By the third intensive day of the workshop, Le Le had successfully tapped into his own reservoir of love. Ah, the power of Phoenix Rising!!

Bali’s Phoenix Rising retreat included participants from all parts of China, Singapore Malaysia, as well as a few of our Pearls from the West: Yellow Tara, Green Tara and Blue Tara. The colorful Taras all recounted their profound time in Bali, affirming that even amidst the splendor of tropical color and beauty in Bali, the teachings remain remarkably simple: Surrender. Cultivate a simple mind, loving heart and smart body. Practice No Drama Yoga (aka. No Illusion Yoga) and most of all…let go. Let your life be an offering to the Divine.

December 2013 -5

Arriving at the Phoenix Rising Retreat, Bali

Retreats with Miao are always a wonderful and welcome opportunity to deepen our connection internally. We learn to better discern between the “external” and the “internal,” while harmonizing our “inner feng shui.”  Miao chooses retreat locations deliberately for their powerful Shakti energy, that the DNA of sacred lands might help ignite and augment our Phoenix Rising energy and fuel our continued spiritual awakening.

Bali in particular, powerfully contains the prayers and undying devotion of the Balinese people, for whom every action in life is an offering. In this lush atmosphere, surrounded by Divine water, retreatants practiced Yoga of Joy with Dai Dai,  harmonized their chakras and embodied “fearlessness” with Liao Liao, created Divinely-inspired, spontaneous Photo Tao imagery with Ming Ming and cultivated their Vajra natures with Han Han and Shiva Garuda practice. And of course, they absorbed the energy of the Divine Mother and Guanyin through Miao’s omnipresent radiance, playfulness, uncomplicated wisdom and liberating smile.

December 2013 -6

The Way of Bali: Offering


Green Tara shares her ruminations:

Miao shared with us the distinction between Joy and happiness. Whereas happiness depends on some external event and soon leaks out, Joy is permanent. Joy is cultivated by our spirits, in such things as meditation, gratitude…in appreciation of Beauty. It was clear after witnessing the Balinese people and their daily lives that Joy is also nourished by the Balinese culture, with its emphasis on gratitude and “offering.”

Over 7 days, retreatants birthed themselves anew through: water purification rituals and prayer offerings at sacred temples, fire homa circles re-enacting the legendary Hindu epic Ramayana, visits with revered male and female shaman elders, and “trance” dance to open secret portals of life. Being immersed in Nature, devotion, and awareness, retreatants softened themselves…and learned to flow like water. Everything is both extraordinary and absolutely ordinary. There is no high, there is no low, everything is reduced to simply “being” connected to the Divine with present moment awareness. When we let go of the tension of our minds, we soften and relax; our pure heart opens. We become love itself. When we release the dramas of mundane life, we remember our Divine connection, and easily gift our compassion to all whom we encounter. We realize…we are Guanyin.


Yellow Tara shares about the first water purification at the famed, holy springs of Tirtha Empul Tampaksiring:

We drive through the lush countryside of Bali dotted with rice fields and bamboo groves before finally arriving at the water purification pools. Balinese people travel long distances to offer and submerge themselves in this special healing water. Miao reminds us that some places hold healing power—this is one of those places. “Meet this cold water with surrender and you will not get a cold!” We are encouraged to stay with the Way of water, its strong unobstructed flow…to flow with the path of least resistance, while following and building momentum…finally gushing or trickling forward…always forward, always. 

December 2013 -7

Devotion and the sacred waters of Tirtha Empul Tampaksiring, Bali


Blue Tara muses about love:

Finally, a word about love. It’s impossible to go to Bali without falling in love with the people and spirits there. We watched the open-hearted Balinese people make offerings daily at their temples to connect with the land and the numerous deities, who guard and protect it. We witnessed their attendance at nightly sacred ceremonies and basked in the warmth of their simple minds, loving hearts and smart bodies: three of our retreat themes. I marveled at how naturally the Balinese people embody the very qualities Miao suggested we hold as our aspirations.

 December 2013 -8

December 2013 -9

Simple minds, loving hearts and smart bodies, Phoenix Rising retreat, Bali

At the conclusion of the retreat, requested by Miao to wear their finest regalia, retreatants surrendered to the watery “purification” pool, as if being christened into a state of pure joy. Waterbound, they romped and danced in unison to celebrate their “rebirth” and the unleashing of their original natures. With their luxurious silk garments now hopelessly saturated, everyone basked in the glow of each other’s smiles of surrender and silliness, no longer able to distinguish between tears and splashes of water upon their childlike faces. Miao had urged them: “Lose your self-consciousness! It has no place here. Be innocent!” And after seven transformative days…they were! Ya la suo!

December 2013 -10

Blue Tara and students surrendering to fluidity, Bali


As with any event with Miao, whether long or short, it is a bit like the Divine circus has come to town and the children know to come out and play. But after the circus leaves, it is for us to remember, that we are but one intention away from connection with the Divine. That when the circus has gone, it is not “permanent”…indeed, we are our own reservoir of joy. That when the spectacle of abundance and laughter has died down into thunderous silence, we are once again left with ourselves, our practice, our awareness, our diligence and hopefully…the calm of an abiding, open heart.

December 2013 -11

Love you all ~ Yuan Miao

NCF Newsletter – December 24 – 2013 – download as .pdf

December 2012

A Love Letter from Zhangjiajie

There is a gathering she says – will you come?

Those of you reading this now likely read the invitations: Master Yuan Miao and Master Axun, joining together to await, to welcome, to celebrate the transit from one age to another.  The end of one calendar is the beginning of another. What better, more exciting place to be than with Yuan Miao Рon the other side of the world Рwelcoming come what may?

The invitation comes days after Hurricane Sandy has hit. America is fine. Here as elsewhere, when tragedy strikes people have an opportunity to be their highest selves. New Yorkers are known for resourcefulness if not being friendly, but the latter is as true as the former as people band together to help one another in the face of Nature’s fresh onslaught. What has been foreseen is now coming to pass.

As the winds of changes shift, there is always a “that’s good” to be found. Perhaps the hurricane winds have blown the election in another direction. Time would tell.

Six weeks later, arriving in Beijing, the lead story on CCTV is of yet another Sandy – this time the tragedy of murder and mayhem at Sandy Hook.  The world has indeed grown small as this sad news from America instantly reverberates in China.  We arrive to close one calendar and open another.  We don’t believe the world will come to an end, but wonder if it is a new age dawning.  We’ve come to find out if an answer is imminent.


Beijing is icy, cold – frigid, but this does not thwart throngs from streaming to Tiananmen Square and into the Forbidden City.  Nearly all Chinese tourists, our Western faces stand out in the crowds.  It’s easy to smile at all of them, now carefree, having left work and responsibility behind on the other side of the world.  With their rich cultural heritage, the immense spaces and great stonework buildings stand as monumental messengers of another era long since gone.

02 beijing

We want to walk to the Temple of Heaven.  Asking directions is impossible.  Our Mandarin is next to non-existent and the map is confusing.  Yet somehow we make our way, and climb, triumphant to a breathtaking view of the city and some moments in a quiet place that feels sacred and old beyond time.

Traveling by plane to Zhangjiajie at night with the workshop beginning first thing in the morning there is no time to adjust.  We are in it.  A handful of Westerners and a throng of expectant Chinese – at least we have some idea of what we are in for.  All smiles all around – even down to the :) buttons everyone is wearing – the sentiment is clear.

Those of you who’ve met Yuan Miao know she is irrepressible, irresistible, magnetic and deep.  She is herself a hurricane, yet one with a smile and a gleam.  Things are not as they seem – can your world can be as bright and shiny as hers – how to bridge the gap?

She has teamed with Master Axun.  Like Yuan Miao, he was a former CCTV star, turning away from fame and fortune after awakening to a calling.  Witnessing tragedy up close, he discovered his path is to lead others to hope and beyond.  Axun is in counterpoint to Miao – cerebral, stolid, quiet and deliberate.  Tech savvy yet timeless, he connects modern physics’ discoveries to troves of ancient wisdom’s teachings.


Lunch break is our first look at where we are.  It’s all misty grey impenetrable.  We’re told it’s there, but there’s nothing to see, not yet.  James Cameron scouted the world to find the location for his magical leafy green world of Avatar and he chose the national forest just up the road.  It’s clear his visit was in spring or summer, but even in winter it’s intriguing, mysterious and perhaps even magical.


What better stimulant than bitter cold to warm us to hours of teachings in a heated hall.  How would the masters convey their message?  They alternate sessions, yin and yang.  We are blessed with a translator – like the United Nations but better because it is the truth being spoken.  Mellifluous Chinese coming from the front, whispered English from the rear in simultaneous translation; our minds are being spoken to while our bodies absorb the lessons.

The hall is filled with expectancy and thirst for what’s to come.  How would Master Miao begin to “explain” her world without concepts?  Trilingual, she begins with Sanskrit terminology rendered in phonetic English – mantra, sutra, mudra, yantra.  To this she adds vibration, weaving words with demonstration, sounds and gesture delighting and enthralling at once.  The reciprocation of affection is nearly instantaneous – we’re all invited into her world to avidly partake of its richness and depth.  Some have been here before; their delight lies in seeing how new found family welcomes it and warms to the layers of message and meaning.  Miao chants, her fingers painting mudras, everyone is afoot, alive, dancing, celebrating.  Tears are flowing, all expression is permitted, release, joy, wonder, all at once.

Master Axun invites access to truth from another direction.  His speech is poetic.  He proffers visualization techniques and tools to train mind and body.  There are readings of sutra and elucidation of Taoist doctrine.  Somewhat shy, several students blossom before us as he nourishes their self expression through his gentle direction and encouragement.

And so it goes for several days.  Absorbed in the teachings, it’s easy to forget there is a world outside our cozy hall.   The group is cohering, sharing, opening, and singing together.  Then – outside, there appears a glimmer of what treasures Zhangjiajie has to offer.  A hint of hazy sunshine admits veiled silhouettes of hills and mountains that are actually impossibly close to us – there all the time – yet unseen and therefore unknown.  They stand in for the teachings; truths once revealed have been there all along.

05zhangjiajieFinally a day arrives with some warmth and some sun.  We Westerners leave the hall behind and head back towards the city to approach Heaven’s Gate.  Zhangjiajie is noisy and dusty with construction cranes everywhere, and a kaleidoscopic mix of antiquity with ultra modern.  A city of 1.5 million is growing while you watch.

In China it is not surprising to see the streets being swept with centuries old brooms fashioned from tree branches along side the biggest, longest, tallest tram found anywhere in the world.  This very tram takes us up and out of the city, over greener than green terraced farmland, exploding in lush profusion despite the midwinter’s chill.


Then up even higher we go, entering a world of hushed mountain quiet.  Amongst rocky spires we only glimpsed from below, Heaven’s Gate is now revealed, within sight.


The day is crystalline.  The wet wintry world has coated trees and rocks and our pathway with ice.  It’s all crackling and dripping as we creep over miles of trails, sidling along the edges of cliffs.


We’re certainly not alone in this delightful landscape, but there’s plenty of space to drink in the expanse and the wonder – nowhere else you’ve been looks quite like this.


We make our way delighting in the vast expanse and eventually reach an enormous complex. It could be said that Nature makes mountains for man to build temples on top of, and this one is no exception.  Forget America’s hundreds of years of infancy – this place looks and feels like it has been here longer than forever.  To think that all this stone was carried by hand before machinery was even a glimmer in someone’s mind, this space exhales timelessness and reverence.  Here you can feel the heartbeat of the world if you listen closely enough.   This splendid scene is enough to explain why of all the possible places to be that we find ourselves here, now.


Back down in the real world of our workshop, Yuan Miao has advanced a simple prescription for dealing with modern life – engage thousand year old yoga traditions with a modern twist.  No Drama Yoga entails pulling back from attachment, reducing the drama we create in our life situations to reduce their pull on our emotions and attention.  Freeing our lives from this drama invites experience of the empty heart.  Cultivating Empty Heart Yoga enables us to receive and reflect a greater love at a higher level of consciousness.  Practicing Smart Body Yoga involves learning to pay attention, listen, and trust our body’s innate intelligence.  And practicing the Yoga of Joy develops a supple body and relaxed mind free of constructs and concepts.


These harmonious tools are liberating and re-juvenating – connecting us back with our childlike nature to render our now grown up world as playful and joyous as youth.

Yuan Miao is always pointing to the same place:  Wei Jia – Go Home!


We reach the first week’s graduation and it’s time for celebration and dance.  A photo gets taken.  We relinquish the hall and take to the streets.  The mood is exultant, a bonfire rages and the night is electric.


Axun is delighted, playful and light.  Everyone follows in circles – laughing, dancing, hugging, and festive at once.  Miao is all smiles – her children are children once again.


Welcome to the New Year 2013!

June, 2012

Yuan Miao is now back in California, conducting a series of workshops and retreats in both English and Chinese through June, July and August.

Miao teaching in China

For much of the last few months, she was travelling and teaching in Taiwan and mainland China. She held a series of informal talks and intensive weekend workshops entitled: The Source of Wisdom. Each weekend in the series focused on a specific topic, including: The Wisdom of Joy, The Wisdom of Love, The Wisdom of Life, and The Wisdom of Health.

The profound messages being taught have been covered both by Taiwanese television and a national magazine which interviewed Miao about women’s issues and the teachings. Please read below for a taste of these teachings.

from The Source of Wisdom Teachings:

In a recent interview for a Taiwanese magazine, Miao discussed four levels of consciousness: body, emotions, mind and our Divine home. She emphasized emotional obstacles and the impermanence of relationships as primary causes of suffering and ill health. We can benefit greatly by using the practices mentioned below; they will help elevate all aspects of our consciousness and lead us to our Divine “home.”

At the body level, Yoga of Joy effectively supports the health of our cells, blood and qi. Yoga of Joy transforms the cellular memory patterning in our bodies, caused by negative emotions, unconscious habits and actions, which are often the byproducts of our intimate relationships. By balancing our yin and yang energy through Yoga of Joy, we create internal “wholeness” and stabilization; we more readily release unhealthy attachments or “neediness” for some “thing” or someone external. With stable energy, we create healthier relationships in all arenas of life. Whether we are single or in relationship, Yoga of Joy helps maintain and improve the physical health of our body, while building our “immunity” to the turbulent influence of emotions.

At the emotional level, we can release “melodrama” and consciously practice “no drama yoga.” Miao suggests directness and honesty with ourselves by asking: “What do I need?” and “What do I want?” What we want is often the cause of our suffering and can create emotional melodramas of judgment, envy, jealousy, and greed. Distinguishing between what we “need” and what we “want,” can liberate us from the turmoil of “wanting.” Rather than pursue our “wants,” we can consciously choose to devote more time to our inner growth and transformation.

For our mind, we can practice guru yoga, which powerfully unites us with Divine energy. Under the guidance of a realized master with whom we have affinity, we solidify our connection to the Divine. Yantras, mantras and visualization are all tools of guru yoga. The guru lights the road ahead to ensure our car progresses in the right direction, however our higher self remains the “driver.” People are often scared or apprehensive of control by a “guru” due to confusion about the distinction between “control” and “surrender.” We must know in our hearts, that the aim of the guru is not to “control” us or mold us in their image, but to help us surrender to our own Divine nature and self-empowerment. The guru merely lights the way to prajna paramita or ultimate wisdom.

The foundation for activating these practices is the strength of our vow. Big vow, big umbrella of protection by the Divine. Small vow, small umbrella. The vow forms the unshakeable roots of our “life tree.” If we dedicate ourselves to nurturing our roots, we can grow mightily and will possess the energy needed to handle the unpredictable opportunities and challenges of life. The Divine does not need our vow, the vow is for our life, our purpose, our dharma. It protects and leads us to empowerment in the way that we need. With strong faith in our vow, we remain steadfastly connected to the Source of wisdom.

These three yogas, Yoga of Joy for our body, “no drama yoga” for our emotions and guru yoga for our mind, together with our “big” vow, returns us to our Divine home of infinite joy, fearlessness, abundance, wisdom and compassion.

May all of you reach your Divine Home!!!

—The New Century Foundation Board of Directors