Spiritual Awareness

To culti­vate spir­i­tual aware­ness, we must Return to Nature and embody Guan Yin energy. By “return­ing to Nature” we finally real­ize that we are Guan Yin and cele­brate the Divine within. Life becomes an exer­cise in simplic­ity, surren­der and ease with both our inner and outer worlds.

In this era of high tech­nol­ogy and a modern lifestyle filled with endless “busy­ness,” it is imper­a­tive to slow down and become aware. To listen. To feel. To notice our own vibra­tional energy and that of those around us. Guan Yin beck­ons us to culti­vate open­heart­ed­ness in order to receive spir­i­tual wisdom and embrace all vibra­tions with­out judg­ment. By losing our “ears” and open­ing our hearts, we gain in aware­ness and deepen our connec­tion with the Universe. We become inde­struc­tibly peace­ful and poten­ti­ated with joy. Through spir­i­tual aware­ness and the teach­ings of Guan Yin, we surren­der to Yin and Yang, dark­ness and light, good and bad as “one.”  In this state, life becomes a jour­ney of pure cele­bra­tion.

Spir­i­tual aware­ness requires a state of non-doing and letting go. The more we try, the more elusive it becomes. At some point, we must release all concepts and “doing,” to truly embody a simple mind, loving heart and smart body. Yuan Miao offers this simple adage, “Big knowl­edge, small know­ing.” When we release our inces­sant desire to “know,” when we finally stop trying so hard to do “this” and become “that,” we can finally receive from the cosmic ener­gies of the Universe. Over time, we release attach­ments to the “form” of our lives and quietly discover the true nature of real­ity. Empti­ness wisdom reveals itself to those patient enough to surren­der and wait for it. By creat­ing space within our hearts, it enters silently, with­out a word, with­out any fanfare. Beyond all ratio­nal know­ing lies spir­i­tual aware­ness, and the form­less, univer­sal teach­ings of Guan Yin.