Spiritual Wisdom

Many of us who are explor­ing a spir­i­tual path want to know, “How do we develop Spir­i­tual Wisdom?” We may read hundreds of books, seek out many teach­ers, or attend count­less retreats and confer­ences. The infor­ma­tion we gather may provide a foun­da­tion of intel­lec­tual under­stand­ing, but it will not result in Spir­i­tual Wisdom.

Why not? Because true Spir­i­tual Wisdom is gained through expe­ri­ences. It comes from being tested in our daily human lives by rough and diffi­cult events, from facing losses and disap­point­ments, some­times even by losing every­thing dear to us, and learn­ing to use these expe­ri­ences as nutri­ents to develop qual­i­ties like compas­sion and courage and the abil­ity to apply discern­ment, help­ing us to see through our illu­sions.

Spir­i­tual Wisdom comes from a life­time of learn­ing from the expe­ri­ences we have when we search inside ourselves, not outside, and begin to recon­nect with our perfect essen­tial essence. The infi­nite wisdom we are seek­ing is already within. A profound state­ment I have heard from spir­i­tual Dakini Master, Yuan Miao, is, “I am not a teacher, I am a reminder.” She reminds us that the beau­ti­ful Blue Pearl is within us; she says it is our perfect essen­tial nature. The Blue Pearl comes from empti­ness –  the essence of every­thing.

One time I heard a student ask Yuan Miao, “What is enlight­en­ment?”

She replied, “Empti­ness. Then you have ulti­mate free­dom.”

Spir­i­tual Wisdom comes from the clar­ity Blue Pearl expe­ri­ences bring – moments of empty conscious­ness. If we have a will­ing­ness to be altered by these expe­ri­ences, we may develop an abil­ity to see into the under­ly­ing nature of things.

Spir­i­tual Wisdom increases as we prac­tice releas­ing our limit­ing phys­i­cal, emotional and mental habits. As we respond to phys­i­cal symp­toms, manage emotions like anger, sadness, fear and lone­li­ness, and release mental patterns like delu­sions, pride, suspi­cion and grasp­ing, we find it easier to connect with the Blue Pearl – our still center where we can, “slip free from the limits of the three-dimen­sional space in a dual­is­tic world.”

Spir­i­tual Wisdom devel­ops as we “grow out of the limited self into the bound­less, infi­nite Self.” Dakini Master Yuan Miao often says, “You are so much bigger than you think you are.”

She urges us to let go of concepts and culti­vate direct expe­ri­ences. This is the life-long path of spir­i­tual trans­for­ma­tion, which allows us to develop Spir­i­tual Wisdom along the way.