About the Concerts

The Phoenix Rising Experience

Phoenix Rising came to Marin County for its first appear­ance on Septem­ber 22, 2007. The Phoenix Rising Expe­ri­ence has been enthu­si­as­ti­cally received from Los Angles to New York, in Europe and in Asia – bring­ing a profound message of hope and joy amid bless­ings of love and compas­sion from West to East.

Miao is not a profes­sion­ally trained singer and she does not sing songs, yet her vibrant voice creates a magi­cal atmos­phere of tran­scen­dent joy.

For the fourth year in the Bay Area, the program expanded to two events — each offer­ing guid­ance of prac­ti­cal impor­tance with an abun­dance of heal­ing energy, featur­ing the mysti­cal mantric singing of Yuan Miao.

Miao was joined by an ensem­ble of “sound heal­ers,” with a special guest appear­ance by renowned keyboard artist Steven Halpern, who has long cham­pi­oned the heal­ing power of music. This combi­na­tion of rhyth­mic sound and sacred mantra is joyous to the heart and uplift­ing to the soul.

Phoenix Rising is not a reli­gious event. It is non-denom­i­na­tional. What­ever your back­ground, you can use the vibra­tion of your expe­ri­ence to connect with your own personal Divine guid­ance.

What is Mantra?

Mantra is sound that has a secret and sacred vibra­tion that unites us with the Divine to receive heal­ing energy, wisdom, and bless­ings. The qual­ity of mantra is love and compas­sion. Mantra has no judg­ment. Mantras help guide people to oneness. They help people of differ­ent faiths to be more open to each other, more under­stand­ing and more loving. Mantra is beyond all reli­gion.

Miao performingMantras act to purify – clear­ing the body of pain, quiet­ing the mind and calm­ing emotional turmoil.

Yuan Miao’s spir­i­tual train­ing in ancient mantric voice prac­tices enables her to tap into a realm of Pure Love and Pure Joy, to share this vibra­tion with all those she meets.

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Phoenix Rising Concert Testimonials

The concert was a special heal­ing concert from Master Yuan Miao. Her voice was so mysti­cal, enchant­ing and extra­or­di­nary. It is said that she has a strong connec­tion with Guanyin. After seeing her sing and speak, I know that she has a true and genuine connec­tion with Guanyin and her energy.

Her voice and energy was so pure, Divine and power­ful. I could feel so much love and  compas­sion radi­at­ing from her.  Her Divine Ener­gies connected with my heart chakra and brought me to tears. I was in so much grat­i­tude and love that evening. This was a good way to spend my New Year’s Eve and today was a Divine day indeed!

Watch­ing and listen­ing to Master Miao was like having a Goddess coming into our pres­ence.

~ Blake Sinclair,
author of Dare to Imag­ine and Beyond Imag­i­na­tion


Having listened to Miao’s two gorgeous CDs in no way prepared me for the extra­or­di­nary expe­ri­ence of being in her lumi­nous pres­ence, and hear­ing the trans­for­ma­tive power of her voice live. It’s a life-affirm­ing and -alter­ing event!”

- Mark Gold­berg

Yuan Miao’s mantric singing tran­scends any simple audi­tory expe­ri­ence. The beauty, reso­nance, and energy that she creates perme­ates every cell in your body. You can actu­ally feel the love and compas­sion that comes from within the divine vibra­tion of her music. Indeed, it’s a rare and extra­or­di­nary expe­ri­ence not to be missed!”

- Sara Dawson

An uplift­ing expe­ri­ence into the spirit world, it reju­ve­nates our being and awak­ens the passion in us all for living life consciously, compas­sion­ately and purpose­fully.”

- Sean Morris

Her mantric singing
rings so pure and fine
it beck­ons
the Bodhisattvas
who show up in droves
to offer their heal­ing graces
through her voice
Her gaze
Her tender touch
She brings
The bless­ings of Kuan Yin,
reach­ing out
with a thou­sand arms
to embrace
the pains of the world
melt­ing the hard ice of suffer­ing
with the white-hot blaze
of her self­less heart
The fierce compas­sion of her song
tenderly enters the silence
from which it came
and to where it shall return

-Wendy Hilson-Bernard