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Ongoing Classes in Asia

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Ongoing  Classes | Los Angeles, CA

Join Jin Lian Hua at Silver­lake Yoga

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Silver­lake Yoga | 2810 Glen­dale Blvd, Los Ange­les, CA 90039

Ongoing Saturday Classes | Campbell, CA

Come join us in a spir­ited and play­ful session of Yoga of Joy!

Together, we will breathe (金剛風呼吸), chant mantra  (梵音唱颂), dance (拙火覺醒)

.…and of course, play. :-)

Immerse your­self in the vibra­tion of univer­sal love and energy, and recog­nize who you truly are!
Time: 10–12:00 noon most every Satur­day
Loca­tion: 1160 W. Latimer Ave, Camp­bell, CA 95008
Class Includes: Yoga of Joy, includ­ing breath­ing exer­cises, and mantra chant­ing.

Yoga of Joy taught by Julie Chang
For further infor­ma­tion, or first time partic­i­pants, please email:  /

Vajra Wind / Breath of Life | Irvine, CA

Join Jin Lian Hua at The Goddess Temple of Orange County