NCF Newsletter Fall 2015

Fall Update

Well, well, well…pumpkin time is upon us yet again!

To inau­gu­rate the coming of Fall we had a brief, but event­ful tour with Teacher Miao in LA!


We cele­brated Loyola Mary­mount University’s (LMU) Yoga Day with an intro­duc­tory class of Yoga of Joy. Yoga Day was filled with work­shops and lectures from vari­ous yogic tradi­tions includ­ing clas­si­cal Yoga Ther­apy, Sanskrit & Sutra stud­ies to modern Acro Yoga. We were happy to join in on the occa­sion to share the ancient, “empti­ness wisdom” of Yoga of Joy.

Our class was filled to over­flow­ing and unfor­tu­nately, due to our capac­ity, some folks had to be turned away. However, all was not lost as these students patiently sat outside the door, ready to receive Teacher Miao’s mantric voice! That’s good!

Everyone’s spir­its were high as Teacher Miao shared the 4 “types” of joy. The first joy, requires that we love ourselves; joy begins within. Secondly, we must love the world and all its mani­fes­ta­tions: up, down, good, bad, hard, easy. However, the world appears, we must learn to have a joyful response and atti­tude toward it! Thirdly, by loving our ances­tors, teach­ers and teach­ings we solid­ify our joy. Lastly, there’s the love of empti­ness and the ulti­mate joy of enlight­en­ment!


We prac­ticed several steps of Yoga of Joy, but the high­light was of course, mantra since Teacher Miao truly wanted to trans­mit esoteric sound heal­ing. Together, we puri­fied ourselves and released stuck ener­gies through a bit of dakini move­ment combined with Guan Yin’s heart mantra: Om mani padme hum! Then every­one moved into still­ness to quietly receive high vibra­tional frequen­cies from Teacher Miao’s mantric voice and a few members of her Phoenix Sound Heal­ing team. Christo Pellani, Eddie Young and Vito Gregoli all joined in with bells, frame drums and singing bowls to help support the high energy field.


All in all it was a power­ful, packed event with old students, Main­lan­der students, new students and every­thing in between! By the end of the brief, 1-hour class, everyone’s smiles had bright­ened and our human loads felt infi­nitely lighter! All students got to expe­ri­ence first­hand the energy of “Ya la suo!” Cele­brate! No matter what…


As Divine serendip­ity would have it, Teacher Miao also mani­fested an inti­mate, profound concert at Jane Gehr’s Guan Yin-infused home. Jane has long been a devo­tee of Guan Yin, and in virtu­ally every corner, one will encounter a statue, an image or token of Guan Yin energy.

Jane's Concert Guan Yin

The concert was a scaled-down redux of the sound heal­ing concert Teacher Miao and the Phoenix Rising Sound Heal­ing Team toured in China. It was a wonder­ful oppor­tu­nity for a select group of film produc­ers, singers, psychi­a­trists, heal­ers and yogis to expe­ri­ence the heal­ing power of Miao’s mantric voice.

At the close of the event, we chanted, “Om mani padme hum,” surround­ing the pool, which glowed with a subtle pink hue, the color of uncon­di­tional love and solid­i­fied our commit­ment to jour­ney hand in hand and heart to heart to the New Century.

Jane's Concert Pool

For any of you who missed Teacher Miao being inter­viewed by host Heidi Valdies on The Unsung Goddess, thanks to modern technology…you haven’t missed a thing! Click the link below and hear Teacher Miao discuss Kundalini and Shakti energy and how best to receive empow­er­ment from these ener­gies. Miao discusses why modern day people who prac­tice at a super­fi­cial level often encounter confu­sion and nega­tive emotions. Learn how to fulfill your spir­i­tual vow by connect­ing to Shakti or Phoenix energy with the strength of Vajra Pride.

An excerpt from the inter­view where Miao discusses the lotus’s guru: 

Teacher Miao: It’s mud! Right? You’ll never see a lotus grow­ing very healthy, beau­ti­fully in clear water. A real lotus, the most beau­ti­ful lotus has to have the foun­da­tion of mud for…this is the person­al­ity or essence of a lotus. The lotus is always humbly bowing down to their guru, which is mud. This is the tantric way. Tantric prac­tice. Not ideal­is­tic! Many spir­i­tual prac­ti­tion­ers, since they became spir­i­tual practitioners…they got another iden­tity, “I’m spir­i­tual. I’m a spir­i­tual prac­ti­tioner.” They go from being mate­ri­al­is­tic to being ideal­is­tic. But, they still have a lot of habits…human habits or human needs about the mate­r­ial world. That’s why they’re confused. When they think some­thing about the mate­r­ial world, they say, “I’m so greedy! I shouldn’t think about that.” This is another reason for fear. They fear them­selves. And that makes them tired. They feel so contra­dic­tory. They don’t know how to balance this.

We recom­mend listen­ing to this highly rele­vant show! In fact, give it more than a few listens to capture the point. Let the message perco­late deeply…

Dakini Yuan Miao and the True Purpose of Yoga on The Unsung Goddess

Unsung Goddess Blog Talk Radio

Until we meet again, “That’s good!”

Ya la suo!