NCF Newsletter Fall 2016

Magical Ceremonies and Adventures with Damanhur!

The Phoenix contin­ues to rebirth and rise! Enjoy this power­ful trans­mis­sion of Daman­hurian energy!

Teacher Miao’s welcome into the Daman­hur Feder­a­tion was much like two great world lead­ers unit­ing with a common mission: to guide the future of human­ity.unnamed-3

Damanhur’s profound spir­i­tual commu­nity has embraced us with open arms and loving hearts; they are a kindred commu­nity of avatars who have commit­ted to the sacred mission of support­ing, elevat­ing and restor­ing Oneness on the planet to birth a New Humankind. Many of the inhab­i­tants are deeply connected to the ancient commu­nity of Atlantis.

With great heart, Damanhur’s inhab­i­tants are dili­gently re-connect­ing plan­e­tary grids to balance and restore our phys­i­cal world ener­get­i­cally; re-align­ing galac­tic grids to open the way for free-flow­ing commu­ni­ca­tion and connec­tion with multi-dimen­sional worlds.

mmexport1471916953066Upon enter­ing Daman­hur, Teacher Miao was invited to stay at a guest house in a quiet pasture, where the occa­sional lull of cowbells could be heard echo­ing in the field. This place was like a dream from child­hood, remind­ing Miao of time spent at Grandma’s home in Tibet, listen­ing to yaks strolling the land, their bells tick­ling the air softly. That night, as a sign of auspi­cious­ness to come, a baby calf was born right outside her window.

unnamed-6The day after we arrived, we were formally intro­duced to a couple hundred members during a commu­nity meet­ing in the main events hall. Teacher Miao briefly shared a mantra, which deeply pene­trated the hearts of those present.

The follow­ing day because of our strong affin­ity and shared mission to bene­fit the world’s eleva­tion in conscious­ness, an impromptu Mantric Sound Heal­ing Concert was orga­nized at the Open Temple. A few members of Damanhur’s music team accom­pa­nied Miao. The concert, dedi­cated to the elders and founders of Daman­hur was magi­cal, poten­ti­ated by the sacred ener­getic space and inten­tion of Damanhur’s resi­dents. One 96-year old elder shared how Teacher Miao’s Divine trans­mis­sion deeply touched his soul. Another healer shared how her mantras trans­ported her to a past life in Tibet.


mmexport1471916941934We were guided into the Sacred Under­ground Temples where Teacher Miao trans­mit­ted more of her lineage and dakini wisdom through Divine Mantras to help members align more deeply with the spir­i­tual, ener­getic grid and to connect us all with the entire cosmos. She contributed ancient-future mantric trans­mis­sions to further support the align­ment of Divine ener­gies for the bene­fit of Gaia and the emer­gence of a new humankind. This was truly a cosmic-scale Phoenix Rising event.


On another day, we were invited to connect with the holi­est trees of the Sacred Forest, which sit atop the Under­ground Temple. These trees serve as anten­nas which trans­mit energy through­out the multi-verse. Here, in the forest, Teacher Miao was invited to guide a group of sacred heal­ers newly in train­ing at Daman­hur. She taught them some of her Divine wisdom mantras, which imme­di­ately opened and expanded their ener­getic chan­nels. Several trainees spon­ta­neously burst into tears, while others remem­bered past lives. Some even expe­ri­enced the open­ing of their throat chakras.



Daman­hur is renowned for their unique, scien­tific system to co-create harmonic sounds and sacred vibra­tions with the plant world, some­thing they’ve devel­oped and refined over several years. We were intro­duced to this mysti­cal world of plant-based vibra­tional music and Teacher Miao was invited to “play” with the plant world. This joyful melody created with the gener­ous spirit of plants, awak­ened an ancient remem­brance of unity, love, harmony and peace within us — leav­ing us in tears of joy and our hearts full with the deep­know­ing of who we truly are and where we come from.

Teacher Miao was spon­ta­neously invited to contribute to a cosmic cere­mony in one of the sacred spaces of Daman­hur which houses a holy labyrinth of crys­tals which holds the lineages of all authen­tic masters who have graced Daman­hur. Hold­ing the ener­gies of all spir­i­tual tradi­tions world­wide, this “living” labyrinth serves as a cosmic “lineage­holder” for Planet Earth and its inhab­i­tants, and is connected to all of Damanhur’s under­ground temples. Here, a direct trans­mis­sion is embed­ded into selected crys­tals from a recog­nized lineage bearer of each tradi­tion. Miao imparted the Tibetan Dakini lineage into crys­tals which she selected to eter­nally hold the lineage in the labyrinth. The vibra­tions of her profound mantras resonated deeply in the hearts of every­one present.


By empow­er­ing the plan­e­tary grid with her sacred mantras and ances­tral dakini lineage forever­more, human beings with awak­ened conscious­ness and a pure, loving heart, will be able to cosmi­cally access and bene­fit from the univer­sal teach­ings of the lineage. The skydancer lineage truly exists in the sky! The image above displays the potent crys­tals selected by Teacher Miao.

During another sacred cere­mony, Teacher Miao  was simi­larly asked to bless and empower the Temple of the People with her dakini lineage. Created by hand with great love, The Temple of the People is dedi­cated to all ances­tral peoples of all ethnic­i­ties since time immemo­r­ial, all current inhab­i­tants of the Earth and all future sentient beings to come.

Teacher Miao was presented two gifts, one, a precious scarf, spun from unique, organic Daman­hur-grown cotton fibers; these sacred scarves are reserved only for living masters who have embed­ded their precious lineages in Damanhur’s living labryinth. Secondly, she was given an exclu­sive and secret gift, which only she is permit­ted to touch. Both were offered to bless our ancient-future connec­tion and auspi­cious future together.


We have great affin­ity with the commu­nity of Daman­hur and support their power­ful inten­tions and inspired actions to uplift and accel­er­ate the trans­for­ma­tion of conscious­ness on Earth. They are truly uphold­ing a high vibra­tional frequency on the entire planet for the bene­fit of all beings.


May our connec­tion and expan­sion with Daman­hur continue to grow in Oneness. May we complete the rise and rebirth of the Phoenix!

Ya la suo!

Gate Gate Para­gate Parasam­gate Bodhi Svaha.

So ha, so ha, so ha!