NCF Newsletter Fall 2017

Tashi Delek! Fall Equinox 2017

Happy Fall Equinox! May you be nour­ished and joyfully reflec­tive as the “dying” time of Fall makes itself mani­fest in the cold of morn­ing and the dark of night, the turn­ing of leaves and the hiding of Heaven beneath a blan­ket of clouds. Under­neath it all, the lumi­nous, empty and death­less sky remains eter­nally unchanged.

Phoenix Rising: A Mantric Jour­ney of the Heart was an uplift­ing, inti­mate and tran­scen­dent event, partic­u­larly, given the tumult of this Phoenix Rising Year of 2017 and the numer­ous chal­leng­ing events we’ve witnessed here in the 3-D realm.

Dear friend and ally, Christo­pher Chap­ple, Direc­tor and Doshi Profes­sor of the Yoga Stud­ies Program at LMU, began by intro­duc­ing the event as “not” a concert, but as a profound trans­mis­sion. Through­out the evening, the audi­ence was invited to “receive, allow and surren­der.” Together, the audi­ence “Qi-clapped” and allowed thun­der­ous silence to appear in the form of palpa­ble, high-vibra­tional energy. To address the burn­ing and ashes of this Phoenix Rising year, Teacher Miao invoked all high conscious­ness masters with the “Love of the Divine Mother” mantra and later, offered a heal­ing trans­mis­sion, invok­ing Medi­cine Buddha. While chant­ing the mantra, the audi­ence was invited to first receive personal heal­ing, by touch­ing or patting places of phys­i­cal suffer­ing or discom­fort. The heal­ing energy of Medi­cine Buddha was then consciously expanded to include not only our local and global commu­ni­ties, but the entire cosmos. “Dzamb­hala” the deity of abun­dance and genuine spir­i­tual wealth, was also invoked to awaken and ignite our Divine poten­tial.

An auspi­cious wave of “Prajna Paramita” a mantra from the Heart Sutra concluded the evening, leav­ing in its wake, the promise of attain­ing “ulti­mate wisdom.” Prajna Paramita is the “ulti­mate mantra” to open our hearts to pure, uncon­di­tional love and eter­nal bliss beyond suffer­ing. While still “feel­ing the love,” the audi­ence lingered long after­ward to receive bless­ings from Teacher Miao and to revel in the space of high conscious­ness.

Unit­ing numer­ous enthu­si­as­tic LMU yogis, spir­i­tual commu­nity from LA, devoted NCF sangha and esteemed faculty members from UCLA’s Inte­gra­tive Health depart­ments and centers, the concert evoked univer­sal­ity and the spirit of Oneness. Join­ing us were: Helen Lavret­sky of the

Semel Insti­tute for Neuro­science and Human Behav­ior, Michael Irwin, Direc­tor of MARC (Mind­ful Aware­ness Research Center), Dr. Ka-Kit Hui of the UCLA Center for East-West Medi­cine and Ping Ho, Founder of UCLA Arts & Heal­ing

A passion­ate devo­tee of the Divine Mother, Helen, a nation­ally-renowned profes­sor and geri­atric psychi­a­trist, revealed that upon the first invi­ta­tion to the concert, “she instantly knew she had to come.” All were stirred by the authen­tic­ity, primor­dial sounds, mantras and ener­getic trans­mis­sion of Teacher Miao’s precious lineage.

Heart to Heart: Teacher Miao with Helen Lavret­sky, Semel Insti­tute UCLA

Vajra Wind: Inner Wisdom for Turbu­lent Times with Jin Lian Hua, took place prior to the concert. A room filled with LMU yogis eager to empty their minds and trans­form their own suffer­ing, relaxed to receive mantras. After prac­tic­ing Vajra Wind breath­work, the entire class joined Jin Lian Hua in a rous­ing, play­ful and ecsta­tic dance to “Ya La Suo!” Students were thrilled and relieved upon this invi­ta­tion to “return to their True Nature and express their innate child­like joy.

Teacher Miao with dear friend, Chris Chap­ple, Direc­tor of the Yoga Stdies Program at LMU


Teacher Miao extends deep grat­i­tude to beloved Doshi Profes­sor, Chris Chap­ple, for estab­lish­ing the world-renowned Yoga Stud­ies program at LMU. In honor of our profound lineage and to spread the dharma, last year Chris invited both Teacher Miao to hold a Phoenix Rising mantric concert and Jin Lian Hua to teach Yoga of Joy and Vajra Wind at LMU’s 2017 Yoga Day. Yoga Day draws an aver­age of 500 people annu­ally to partic­i­pate in vari­ous styles of Yoga, medi­ta­tion and a unique concert. LMU is the first univer­sity in the U.S. to offer a Masters degree in Yoga and is recog­nized world­wide for its dedi­ca­tion to the higher study of Yoga.

A week before the concert, Chris also invited Teacher Miao to offer a bless­ing and medi­ta­tion for the current cohorts of Masters of Yoga candi­dates. Many were touched by Miao’s pres­ence and embod­ied wisdom. One student commented on the beauty of her chant­ing of Guru Rinpoche’s mantra and asked whether she had been “singing” her entire life. Teacher Miao responded that she had been chant­ing mantras from the ripe old age of 3!

Until next we meet, may the heal­ing energy of Medi­cine Buddha perme­ate your being and may these rever­ber­a­tions help dispel the igno­rance and suffer­ing of human­ity. May joy and empti­ness reign supreme! Ya la suo!