NCF Newsletter Spring 2015

Tashi Delek! Happy Spring!

As part of the rapid spread of the dharma in Main­land China, Miao and her Phoenix Rising sound heal­ing team held a Phoenix Rising Mantra concert in  Zhejiang Province, China in April. It will be the first of many more to come…

Over a thou­sand people received bless­ings of Phoenix Rising Energy and trans-missions of the ancient east­ern “Joyful Wisdom Phoenix Rising Mantra.”

It was a night of profound spir­i­tual trans­for­ma­tion as the audience’s collec­tive heart was ignited by  Miao’s ethe­real chant­ing and the free, creative spirit of her West­ern sound heal­ing team. These six world-class musi­cians incor­po­rated sacred instru­ments from around the world to invoke the heal­ing sounds of the five-elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Each musi­cian contributed their own creative essence to the process and together with the bless­ings of the Divine Mother and Miao’s play­fully compas­sion­ate pres­ence, uplifted the entire audi­ence with high-vibra­tional energy to enhance our collec­tive conscious­ness, phys­i­cal as well as inner strength.

No bril­liant light­ing, no noisy sound test­ing, only a solemn perfor­mance stage, silently invit­ing the audi­ence to ‘calm down and open your mind to listen’” wrote a profes­sor who had never encoun­tered Miao before. She contin­ued, “Listen­ing to the mantra, I felt all of my pores and viscera were opened, allow­ing spir­i­tual sound to flow in and I spon­ta­neously burst into tears. When I looked around I real­ized that a large number of people were also crying joyfully, many of whom were males. The tears streamed from their long­stand­ing pres­sure, sadness and toxins held in the body. Nowa­days, scien­tists may not have solid find­ings on sound healin­gupon the phys­i­cal body, but it is such a great mira­cle.” 


One woman also happily expressed that although she initially had an upset stom­ach, she expe­ri­enced relief imme­di­ately after listen­ing to Miao’s chant­ing and receiv­ing the heal­ing vibra­tions of the instru­ments.

When Alex Perez performed a solo song about the rela­tion­ship between parents and their chil­dren, a young 14-year old girl started sobbing. Because of the high expec­ta­tions her parents had placed upon her, she had become angry and frus­trated. After hear­ing Miao’s subse­quent heal­ing mantras, she contin­ued to shed deep tears which puri­fied her nega­tive emotions. Miao later commented that the girl had opened her heart and expe­ri­enced a deep, spir­i­tual trans­for­ma­tion. Her newfound spir­i­tual aware­ness had trans­formed the ashes of her past into smiles of joy and liber­a­tion.

Through­out the concert, Miao encour­aged the audi­ence to partic­i­pate. She invited the audi­ence to “dance with their fingers” and trace the “linger­ing” sound vibra­tions instead of applaud­ing, which would disturb the subtle, vibra­tional energy of a song or mantra. She later asked the audi­ence to choose a star from a video projec­tion of space, to make friends with it, and offer it a warm “hug.” Having a star “friend” reminds us that we are never “alone” in the universe.

Miao chanted the Blue Pearl mantra to teach the audi­ence that they are the precious jewel in the lotus and are never sepa­rate from the Divine. The Blue Pearl lives within us as our own inde­struc­tible, Buddha nature.   

During Prajna Paramita mantra, Miao explained that even though many in the audi­ence are smart, success­ful indi­vid­u­als, they still feel depressed, confused and fear­ful. This is due to a lack of under­stand­ing Prajna Paramita — the ulti­mate, empti­ness wisdom.

Prof. Yaonong Tian, Dean of Music School (HNU), welcomed the audi­ence by explain­ing that unlike modern pop music, mantra is a primor­dial “music” that our ances­tors used in ancient times to culti­vate spir­i­tual aware­ness, connect with the Divine, pray for bless­ings, and prevent disas­ter. Over one thou­sand years ago, there were numer­ous cases of sound heal­ing recorded in China.      

Phoenix Rising Mantra” deliv­ers this primor­dial form of “music.” The ther­a­peu­tic effect and profound heal­ing of the heart invoked by “Phoenix Rising Mantra,” orig­i­nates from the bless­ings and univer­sal source of Divine energy. This mantra connects us directly to Guan Yin and super consciousness–through the sacred “cord” of sound, we real­ize we are Guan Yin and the trans­for­ma­tive power of the Phoenix itself.  


When the concert ended, many atten­dees could not bear to leave this high vibra­tional expe­ri­ence behind. They lingered long into the night, to “stay connected” and receive bless­ings from Miao and the Phoenix Rising sound heal­ing team.