NCF Newsletter Summer 2012


This summer Yuan Miao is back in Cali­for­nia, conduct­ing a series of work­shops and retreats in both English and Chinese through June, July and August.

Miao teach­ing in China

For much of the last few months, she was trav­el­ling and teach­ing in Taiwan and main­land China. She held a series of infor­mal talks and inten­sive week­end work­shops enti­tled: The Source of Wisdom. Each week­end in the series focused on a specific topic, includ­ing: The Wisdom of Joy, The Wisdom of Love, The Wisdom of Life, and The Wisdom of Health.

The profound messages being taught have been covered both by Taiwanese tele­vi­sion and a national maga­zine which inter­viewed Miao about women’s issues and the teach­ings. Please read below for a taste of these teach­ings.

from The Source of Wisdom Teach­ings:

In a recent inter­view for a Taiwanese maga­zine, Miao discussed four levels of conscious­ness: body, emotions, mind and our Divine home. She empha­sized emotional obsta­cles and the imper­ma­nence of rela­tion­ships as primary causes of suffer­ing and ill health. We can bene­fit greatly by using the prac­tices mentioned below; they will help elevate all aspects of our conscious­ness and lead us to our Divine “home.”

At the body level, Yoga of Joy effec­tively supports the health of our cells, blood and qi. Yoga of Joy trans­forms the cellu­lar memory pattern­ing in our bodies, caused by nega­tive emotions, uncon­scious habits and actions, which are often the byprod­ucts of our inti­mate rela­tion­ships. By balanc­ing our yin and yang energy through Yoga of Joy, we create inter­nal “whole­ness” and stabi­liza­tion; we more read­ily release unhealthy attach­ments or “need­i­ness” for some “thing” or some­one exter­nal. With stable energy, we create health­ier rela­tion­ships in all arenas of life. Whether we are single or in rela­tion­ship, Yoga of Joy helps main­tain and improve the phys­i­cal health of our body, while build­ing our “immu­nity” to the turbu­lent influ­ence of emotions.

At the emotional level, we can release “melo­drama” and consciously prac­tice “no drama yoga.” Miao suggests direct­ness and honesty with ourselves by asking: “What do I need?” and “What do I want?” What we want is often the cause of our suffer­ing and can create emotional melo­dra­mas of judg­ment, envy, jeal­ousy, and greed. Distin­guish­ing between what we “need” and what we “want,” can liber­ate us from the turmoil of “want­ing.” Rather than pursue our “wants,” we can consciously choose to devote more time to our inner growth and trans­for­ma­tion.

For our mind, we can prac­tice guru yoga, which power­fully unites us with Divine energy. Under the guid­ance of a real­ized master with whom we have affin­ity, we solid­ify our connec­tion to the Divine. Yantras, mantras and visu­al­iza­tion are all tools of guru yoga. The guru lights the road ahead to ensure our car progresses in the right direc­tion, however our higher self remains the “driver.” People are often scared or appre­hen­sive of control by a “guru” due to confu­sion about the distinc­tion between “control” and “surren­der.” We must know in our hearts, that the aim of the guru is not to “control” us or mold us in their image, but to help us surren­der to our own Divine nature and self-empow­er­ment. The guru merely lights the way to prajna paramita or ulti­mate wisdom.

The foun­da­tion for acti­vat­ing these prac­tices is the strength of our vow. Big vow, big umbrella of protec­tion by the Divine. Small vow, small umbrella. The vow forms the unshake­able roots of our “life tree.” If we dedi­cate ourselves to nurtur­ing our roots, we can grow might­ily and will possess the energy needed to handle the unpre­dictable oppor­tu­ni­ties and chal­lenges of life. The Divine does not need our vow, the vow is for our life, our purpose, our dharma. It protects and leads us to empow­er­ment in the way that we need. With strong faith in our vow, we remain stead­fastly connected to the Source of wisdom.

These three yogas, Yoga of Joy for our body, “no drama yoga” for our emotions and guru yoga for our mind, together with our “big” vow, returns us to our Divine home of infi­nite joy, fear­less­ness, abun­dance, wisdom and compas­sion.

May all of you reach your Divine Home!!!

—The New Century Foun­da­tion Board of Direc­tors