NCF Newsletter Summer 2015

Yoga of Joy Training in China Completed!

We trust you’re remain­ing cool in the fire of Summer!

We’re happy to announce the comple­tion of the second Level 1 train­ing of Yoga of Joy, taught by teacher Miao & Liao Liao.  The Phoenix is flying high in Main­land China with 78 certi­fied Yoga of Joy teach­ers in our midst! The Wisdom of Joy is spread­ing like wild­fire, provid­ing food for Phoenixes in the East. Because of these teach­ers, Yoga of Joy classes are now avail­able weekly at 24 centers through­out Asia!


This June, teacher Miao & the Phoenix Team returned to the sacred site of Wutai Moun­tain to partake in a new, in-depth work­shop on Medi­ta­tion & Liber­a­tion. Wutai Moun­tain has long been revered by Buddhists and Taoists and is consid­ered a home to the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Manjushri.


Though the weather fore­cast was gloomy, predict­ing clouds and rain, the partic­i­pants were met with a sparkling, golden sun, pure white clouds and empty, blue skies. Wutai Moun­tain was clearly cele­brat­ing everyone’s arrival and the coming Wisdom of Joy immer­sion.


During the 3-day work­shop, teacher Miao elab­o­rated on the lineage and dharma of Wisdom of Joy. She invited and guided all partic­i­pants to return to the primor­dial Source and connect with her ancient Dakini lineage.

One student’s testi­mo­nial:

…I felt a strong and warm energy on my back and a strong vibra­tion from the ground…I felt I was brought to this world followed by anxi­ety, hurries, worries, and tired­ness …After­wards, vari­ous kinds of laugh­ter resonated from every­where, which felt very famil­iar. It seemed that “they” were laugh­ing at my obses­sion, attach­ment and egotism…Then I expe­ri­enced a big bang, and the whole world fell suddenly silent…Shortly there­after, a gentle breeze lifted me far, far away — it got brighter and brighter…after getting rid of all restric­tions, it felt as if I was return­ing to my home beyond the white clouds…In a flash, my heart was filled with joy, warmth and anticipation…Later on, I felt my feet touch the ground. Although I still couldn’t see or talk, I could feel each vow every­one had made in class rising from my heart one after another: some prayed for their children’s health; some prayed to reunite with loved ones; others prayed for happi­ness despite pain…At that moment, I shed spon­ta­neous tears and felt over­come by the compas­sion of Gods, Buddhas and Divine Beings. I learned that when our vows are embed­ded in us strongly, they can be felt by all the Gods; they become omnipresent. In that moment, I real­ized that our bright nature can never be extin­guished, nor will it ever leave us; this is the eter­nity we must whole­heart­edly cher­ish.


Christo Pellani, an accom­plished musi­cian, renowned sound healer and member of Miao’s Phoenix Rising Mantric Sound Heal­ing Team, joined forces with teacher Miao to deliver subtle body sound heal­ing through an array of instru­ments: bells, singing bowls, chimes, and drums of all shapes and sizes. Despite the language barrier, Christo was extremely grate­ful for and deeply touched by the potent energy of the work­shop. He repeat­edly expressed that despite having worked with numer­ous spir­i­tual lead­ers around the world, that he was moved by teacher Miao’s essence, profound teach­ings and the collec­tive devo­tion of the partic­i­pants.