NCF Newsletter Summer 2016

Happy Full Moon & Summer Solstice!

Happy Phoenix Rising! 

For millen­nia, Summer Solstice, has been honored in cultures through­out the world, as a cele­bra­tion of the arrival of Summer.


The Native Amer­i­cans cele­brate Summer Solstice as a time of connect­ing Heaven and Earth. For many cultures the Summer Solstice is related to fertil­ity and harvest. Solstice orig­i­nates from the Latin roots “sol” and “sistere,” which can be trans­lated as the “still­ness of the sun,” for on Solstice, the sun hovers above the Tropic of Cancer before moving south­ward again. This still­ness happens every­where at the same “time.” How wonder­ful! Univer­sal still­ness!


As we head into the Phoenix time of Summer, may you augment and abide in joy amidst the rising flames of the mundane world. Fuel your inner Phoenix with fire and ashes. Yummy!

Remem­ber, to keep your dharma eyes focused on your cosmic “farm­land,” not the small plot which you may mistak­enly think is “yours.” Teacher Miao reminds us that focus­ing on this small piece of farm­land, goes hand in hand with suffer­ing. May you go up the moun­tain; under­stand the real­ity of the small farm­land and trade up for…the infi­nite farm­land of the multi-verse! To becom­ing a joyful, cosmic farmer!


Ya la suo! 


Om tare tuttare ture so ha! 


To pursue wealth and fame you need to exert your­self; to pursue love and happi­ness you need to exert your­self. Only when pursu­ing Self-real­iza­tion do you simply need to live in the present moment. If you remain intent on the present moment, the Universe will open up to you. It is up to you to bear your own fruit.

~ Yuan Miao, High Conscious­ness Paint­ing

Septem­ber 17, 2016 — YoJ at Loyola Mary­mount Univer­sity!

This Fall, we return to Yoga Day at LMU, to share Yoga of Joy once again! Jin Lian Hua will most likely be teach­ing the prac­tice, but there is a wild hair chance that Teacher Miao may make a cameo appear­ance. We’ll keep you posted as we know more. In any case, join us in culti­vat­ing an empty mind, loving heart and smart body to fuel your Return to Nature. Yoga of Joy is always ener­get­i­cally poten­ti­ated when prac­ticed in commu­nity.