NCF Newsletter Summer 2017

Summer Solstice 

Tashi Delek! 

Happy Belated Summer Solstice! Enter the door­way to the coming New Century! The Divine is call­ing you!

May you carry your ashes with dignity during this burn­ing, Phoenix Rising year and era. Teacher Miao strongly encour­ages us to continue our prac­tices to empower our bodies, minds and Spir­its. Ancient-Future wisdom, pure joy and a strong Vajra Nature offer calm harbors in a “burn­ing” world. Trust the Ances­tors and the Divine. Let go and let rise! Never give up!

In Grandma’s Heav­enly Writ­ings, Miao shares prophe­cies received from the Divine and Grandma and predicts that all current polit­i­cal, reli­gious, economic and social systems of the world will inevitably trans­form. We live in accel­er­ated, evolu­tion­ary times, the “burn­ing times” of the Phoenix, yet there is noth­ing to fear. It is a time of great awak­en­ing and karmic oppor­tu­nity. We each carry the DNA of both a karma dragon with lessons to learn and complete, and an enlight­en­ment dragon, who has vowed to assist humanity’s spir­i­tual evolu­tion. With strong Vajra faith, our enlight­en­ment dragon can escort our karma dragon to the ecstasy of our True Nature. This is the promise and poten­tial of our human life — to restore our connec­tion to the Divine and live joyfully and harmo­niously with the cosmos. Continue allow­ing your heart to surren­der, expand and radi­ate empti­ness wisdom. May your twin dragon ener­gies be unified into a mandala of abun­dance, peace and compas­sion. Keep going and trust in the Phoenix’s even­tual rise and rebirth. So ha, so ha, so ha! Ya la suo!

Septem­ber 16, 2017 — Phoenix Rising: A Mantric Jour­ney of the Heart 

@ LMU’s Yoga Day! Loyola Mary­mount Univer­sity

Teacher Miao and the Phoenix Rising band offered a Phoenix Rising mantric concert at LMU! The concert completed a day-long festi­val, LMU’s annual Yoga Day, which features numer­ous classes in Yoga, medi­ta­tion and more. Jin Lian Hua taught Vajra Wind and Yoga of Joy prior to the concert. Rise and fly with the LMU commu­nity!

Yoga of Joy with Jin Lian Hua | LMU Yoga Day

YoJ and Vajra Wind return to LMU! To “open” the Way for the evening, Jin Lian Hua will teach YoJ and Vajra Wind as a prelude to Teacher Miao’s Phoenix Rising Mantric Concert. Prac­tice in commu­nity, empty the mind, open the heart and attune the body for the high vibra­tions of Teacher Miao and the Phoenix Rising Band! Complete your Yoga Day with the vibra­tional “tattoo” of Phoenix Rising!


New Mantric EP Releases!

We’re thrilled to announce that Teacher Miao and the Phoenix Rising Band are final­iz­ing post-produc­tion on several new mantric releases includ­ing mantras such as: Om Mani Padme Hum, the Divine Mother, Zambala’s Mantra, Green Tara’s Mantra, Blue Pearl and more!

Keep­ing it all in the “family,” Nick Young, who happens to be Eddie Young’s son, joined the Phoenix Rising Band for this project, contribut­ing mesmer­iz­ing sitar-play­ing.  Brian Hardin, who’s worked with the likes of promi­nent spir­i­tual figures such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, Indige­nous tribes includ­ing the Hopi and Lakota as well as famous artists Guns N’ Roses and India Arie, contributed many hours of sound exper­tise as our humble and skill­ful producer. Expect these releases to move many a heart, while rever­ber­at­ing waves of infi­nite love and compas­sion far and wide! Stay tuned…for their arrival.

The Phoenix Rises in Asia! 

There are now 43 YoJ Centers in Asia. We now have centers in China, Singa­pore and Malaysia. Share and post this link on social media to help widen the circle of YoJ prac­ti­tion­ers in Asia and beyond.

Teacher Miao in Guangzhou! 

Om Zambala Zalendraye So Ha!