NCF Newsletter Winter 2015

Tashi Delek & Happy Almost Lunar New Year!

The Year of the Sheep will soon be upon us all, a year portended to be a time of great, creative mani­fes­ta­tion!

In 2014, the NCF dharma boat set sail, fulfill­ing a predic­tion by Miao that NCF’s mission would expand, more people would grav­i­tate to the teach­ings and the dharma would spread far and wide at an accel­er­ated pace. The numer­ous high-potency events of 2014 and the increas­ing inter­est in the dharma, partic­u­larly in Asia, are proof posi­tive that the Divine time has come for NCF to spread its wings!

In 2014, Miao and NCF were active on many fronts and shared teach­ings and prac­tices with numer­ous, diverse commu­ni­ties. This year included:

In the U.S.: 

  • Miao appeared as a presen­ter on Himalayan Ther­a­peu­tic Sonic Breath­work at USC’s “Inter­na­tional Confer­ence in Yoga, Medi­ta­tion and Inte­gra­tive Health” in Septem­ber. The event was spon­sored in part by the Insti­tute of Inte­gra­tive Health of the USC Keck School of Medi­cine.
  • Dr. Aleks Smirnov, staff scien­tist of the NIH (National Insti­tute of Health) joined Miao at USC’s Int’l Confer­ence above, to vali­date and further expound upon the scientific/clinical bene­fits of Vajra wind breath prac­tices and sound heal­ing from Miao’s Dakini lineage.
  • Miao held a month-long sacred art exhi­bi­tion, The Art of Yantra: Divine Trans­mis­sions and a corre­spond­ing work­shop, Shakti! The Art of Creation, at Loyola Mary­mount Univer­sity, a private univer­sity renowned for offer­ing higher educa­tion in Yoga in August-Septem­ber.

In Asia:

  • The book, Yoga of Joy, was published in Main­land China in March, and reprinted in May. It is the first book of Miao’s to be published in Main­land China.
  • Miao conducted book-sign­ings in four major cities in China: Beijing, Shang­hai, Guangzhou and Chengdu in April & May.
  • Miao, together with five other sound heal­ing experts and spir­i­tual musi­cians from the U.S., held two mantric chant­ing heal­ing concerts in Lang Fang, a suburb of Beijing, China in Septem­ber.
  • In Fall, Miao and the Phoenix Rising team, conducted six work­shops in Beijing, Wuhan and Wutai Moun­tain in main­land China; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Puli, Taiwan, and Bali, Indone­sia.
  • NCF conducted the inau­gural Yoga of Joy Teacher’s train­ing in China and Malaysia. 63 students were conferred the title of Yoga of Joy Teacher: 56 from China, 3 from Singa­pore and 4 from Malaysia.

Om mani padme hum as Miao says, is the source of all creative mani­fes­ta­tion in form, whether it be Shakti art, concerts, retreats , work­shops or train­ings. All forms spring from “Om mani padme hum,” Guan Yin’s heart mantra.

Some highlights from 2014:

Retreat to Bali!

261During this year’s retreat, Miao explained that there are 4 kinds of joy: 1) liking ourselves 2) loving the world, so we can contribute 3) liking our ances­tors and sages in order to have Zen happi­ness 4) liking “ulti­mate wisdom.”  In addi­tion to this, there are four kings support­ing our life: 1) principles/practices 2) wealth (mate­r­ial support) 3) compan­ions 4) Earth/environment (home, coun­try, etc.). All of the “prob­lems” in our life arise from these 8 aspects, however if we stay in “silent, relaxed space”–if we can rest in still­ness and connect with super­con­scious­ness, we can under­stand and hear the answers to these prob­lems. Ulti­mately, as Miao shared, “There is no past. It never happened. And the future happened already.” We must believe and under­stand this.

260There are two obsta­cles to enlight­en­ment: 1) distorted or imag­i­nary thoughts 2) attach­ment, partic­u­larly attach­ment to the way we think. We have infi­nite power, but it is limited and inac­ces­si­ble due to attach­ment. The biggest illu­sion is self-attach­ment.

259Daki­nis have no time- space limi­ta­tions and prac­tice the wisdom of Prajna-paramita (Ulti­mate Wisdom) and empti­ness. They have no ritu­als, no forms, no rules and their actions are unlim­ited. Daki­nis exist beyond karma and prac­tice the Art of Life, which is to see Beauty all the time, in every­thing– all chal­lenges, all beings, all situ­a­tions. We must stop complain­ing and rejoice in, “That’s good!” instead of perceiv­ing things as “bad.”

262As this is the time of the Phoenix, we must each prac­tice grat­i­tude, allow ourselves to surren­der to high energy and embrace trans-forma­tion with an empty heart and simple mind. The foun­da­tion of all spir­i­tual arts is relax­ation, then silence, wisdom and lastly, action.  If we remem­ber this, we will not easily be over­whelmed by emotions, expe­ri­ence hurt or tired­ness. We can play with life!

First Heal­ing Sound Concert in Beijing!

In mid-Septem­ber, amidst the beau­ti­ful grounds of the five-star Ovation Hotel Resort in Lang Fang, China, Miao and a team of musi­cal artists and sound heal­ers performed two power­ful concerts for lead­ers of pres­ti­gious health care commu­ni­ties from differ­ent parts of the globe. This concert was the first of its kind to be shared in China. It was incred­i­ble to witness the tradi­tions from the East and West as they were brought together through the magic of music in order to create a safe space for the audi­ence to expe­ri­ence the trans­for­ma­tive possi­bil­ity of sound alchemy.

The team created a vibrant and unique canvas for Miao to share her heart with these audi­ences. In addi­tion to collab­o­rat­ing with Miao, each team member was invited to bring their own orig­i­nal song offer­ings as well, which created a vibrant and perfectly harmo­nious tapes­try of musi­cal genres.

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Inau­gural Yoga of Joy Teacher Train­ing in China! 

Sixty-three offi­cial Yoga of Joy teach­ers now exist in China, Singa­pore and Malaysia! Headed by Liao Liao, and ulti­mately guided by Miao, the teacher train­ings concluded with Miao’s final trans­mis­sion and empow­er­ment. Certifi­cates were then granted to trainees, follow­ing comple­tion of both their 5-day Level 1 train­ing and pass­ing the final “test” admin­is­tered by Miao. Level 2 and Level 3 train­ings will be offered in the future to help teach­ers deepen their wisdom and abil­ity to  trans­mit the teach­ings and prac­tices from Miao’s Dakini lineage. Train­ings were held in five cities: Xi’an, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur, Malaya­sia. The new Yoga of Joy teach­ers have already begun spread­ing Yoga of Joy through work­shops, regu­lar group prac­tices, teach­ing at schools, etc. The Divine vibra­tion in China is rising!

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Until next we meet, romance your­selves and remem­ber you are always held in the central chan­nel of Guan Yin!

Ya la suo!