NCF Newsletter Winter 2017

Winter Solstice 2017

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from NCF!

May you “be auspi­cious” and receive the bless­ings of the multi-verse this 2018,
Year of the Earth Dog.

The Phoenix Rises in Asia

It has been a remark­able year of the Phoenix Rising in Asia, in Main­land China, Taiwan, Singa­pore and Malaysia. Teacher Miao’s Yoga of Joy teacher train­ing program has now certi­fied 144 Yoga of Joy teach­ers and 13 advanced teach­ers, some of whom are high-level profes­sion­als, profes­sors and entre­pre­neurs. Thanks to their passion and devo­tion, now 47 Yoga of Joy centers are flour­ish­ing in Asia.

Rise of the Phoenix Century Univer­sity

Teacher Miao is currently devot­ing her time and energy to prop­erly train­ing and prepar­ing teach­ers who will assist in spread­ing the Dharma of Joyful Wisdom teach­ings and help estab­lish a new Phoenix Century Univer­sity, that will embrace students from around the world.

Welcome Yikuan Lee!

Given Teacher Miao’s need to focus on the vision and mani­fes­ta­tion of the Phoenix Century Univer­sity, she nomi­nated Yikuan Lee (aka. Saturn) to fulfill her former roles as Board Member and Pres­i­dent. Teacher Miao will continue as the ulti­mate spir­i­tual leader and guid­ing force for NCF. Yikuan graciously receives this Divine bless­ing from the lineage, as an affir­ma­tion of her long­stand­ing devo­tion and support of NCF and its broader mission. Being a compas­sion­ate and joyful mother to her son Garuda, and an Asso­ciate Profes­sor at the College of Busi­ness for San Fran­cisco State Univer­sity, has well-prepared her for this unique tran­si­tion.

Volun­teers for Guanyin

How quickly the Phoenix has risen in Asia is a true testa­ment to what fear­less­ness and “full faith” can mani­fest. Teacher Miao attrib­utes this to her surren­der as a devo­tee and “volun­teer” for Guanyin. May we each express simi­lar devo­tion and embody Guanyin’s infi­nite love and compas­sion as we rebirth ourselves as full-fledged Phoenixes. We must remem­ber that we too, have volun­teered to serve the Divine.

Remembering Dai Dai Laoshi

Teacher Miao encour­ages every­one to remem­ber Dai Dai Laoshi (aka. Fay Wang), her faith­ful and beloved assis­tant since the incep­tion of NCF 16 years ago. “Laoshi” means “revered teacher” in Mandarin. May we honor her and all those who have opened the Way for our rising. May the love, commit­ment and self­less­ness of these Divine beings continue to support us as we fulfill our orig­i­nal vows. We remain united as one Dharma family jour­ney­ing together on the Dharma Boat. 

Expand­ing Bodhicitta

Accord­ing to Teacher Miao, bodhicitta among the NCF family contin­ues to grow. Even while she is in Asia, we in the U.S. remain near and dear to Teacher Miao’s heart; our perse­ver­ance in the U.S. contin­ues to touch and inspire her. May we “keep going” no matter what, until the Phoenix “appears,” and peace in the world becomes our collec­tive real­ity.

Rest in the Essence

Encour­ag­ing each of us to rest in the Divine’s bless­ings with every breath, Teacher Miao simply says, “rest in the essence of the lineage.” While it might be easy to forget this in mundane life, as real “disci­ples” we must let go and rest in the “essence.” Only then, can we consider ourselves true lineage­hold­ers.

May we fully expand our conscious­ness to match the Divine nature of our mission to unite the East and West, and uplift human­ity to “enlight­en­ment.” May we reunite with the primor­dial Source for the bene­fit of all beings. Ya la suo!