Yoga of Joy Practice

Yoga of Joy

Yoga of Joy is a dynamic, “ancient-future” system of Tibetan Vajrayana and primor­dial yoga from the lineage of Yuan Miao. Quiet the mind, soften the body and open the heart. Yoga of Joy recon­nects us to our inner nature and awak­ens our full human poten­tial. Return to your primor­dial state of empti­ness wisdom, compas­sion and clar­ity while enhanc­ing child­like joy, play­ful­ness and free­dom.

  •  Learn a complete system of sacred mantra, mudra, postures, breath­work, visu­al­iza­tion and move­ment
  • Trans­form body, breath and mind by harmo­niz­ing yin and yang
  • Stabi­lize and increase aware­ness of subtle ener­gies
  • Release nega­tive emotions and reclaim joy
  • Hold center” more master­fully in “turbu­lence”
  • Elevate your vibra­tional energy and calmly main­tain this frequency
  • Poten­ti­ate self-heal­ing abil­i­ties

Open the door­way to more joy, clar­ity and inner peace while help­ing to heal the collec­tive suffer­ing of humankind.

Yoga of Joy Level 1 Teacher Train­ing in Taiyuan, China — Spring 2015


We have new grad­u­ates! The 2nd ever Yoga of Joy Teacher Train­ing in China ended with a cele­bra­tion of joyful, heart-open­ing mantra. The train­ing was comprised mostly of senior students, who intend to share the prac­tices as their dharma. During the train­ing, students deep­ened their under­stand­ing of precious Himalayan teach­ings and how to teach an esoteric prac­tice like Yoga of Joy. One female student remarked, that in addi­tion to culti­vat­ing deeper wisdom and harmo­niz­ing our inner feng shui, that Yoga of Joy also bene­fited her phys­i­cal health, which improved greatly after deliv­er­ing her baby. At the end of train­ing, Miao gave a bless­ing to each grad­u­ate, acti­vat­ing their energy to help them discover their “hidden trea­sure” and to empower their unique aspects as a teacher of Wisdom of Joy.



I real­ized that what a student truly needs, is often differ­ent from what I might give them. I learned to listen and feel in a way that will help me serve students in the future with the deep under­stand­ing and compas­sion that arises from empti­ness.”


~ Nathan Chen, Yoga of Joy, Level 1 Grad­u­ate