New Century Foun­da­tions teach­ers have been empow­ered to teach by Yuan Miao.


Jin Lian HuaJin Lian Hua (Carry Kim)

Follow­ing a longterm pilgrim­age through Tibet, India and Nepal, Jin Lian Hua met her root teacher, Yuan Miao, in 2003 and became a direct lineage holder of Yoga of Joy. Her foun­da­tion lies in Tibetan Vajrayana and esoteric wisdom teach­ings. She is a yoga ther­a­pist (1,000 hours — Krish­na­macharya Heal­ing and Yoga Foun­da­tion) and certi­fied Ayurvedic and ther­a­peu­tic nutri­tion educa­tor special­iz­ing in both raw foods and Ayurveda. A long­time prac­ti­tioner and advo­cate of holis­tic heal­ing, certi­fied in vari­ous modal­i­ties includ­ing: Shiatsu, Vedic-Thai Yoga, breath­work, and Himalayan singing bowl ther­apy, Jin Lian Hua aims to help indi­vid­u­als live more passion­ately and trans­mit more joy.

May we lead with our heart in provid­ing joyful service to others and allow our smile to be our ulti­mate trans­mis­sion. Ya la suo! For more infor­ma­tion, please visit: tsomo.com

Loving Tara (Susan Sattler)

Susan Sattler had the good fortune to meet Yuan Miao in 2004. She became a lineage holder of the beau­ti­ful mudras and mantras from this Vajrayana tradi­tion while using them to fear­lessly embrace imper­ma­nence and to heal from cancer. She shares this jour­ney in her recently released memoir, The Fear­less Way: Mudras, Mantras and Chemo – How Learn­ing to Let Go Saved My Life. 

Susan has been teach­ing these mudra and mantra prac­tices to students in both East and West for five years in her Univer­sal Wisdom Heal­ing work­shops and classes.

She is also a prac­tic­ing psychother­a­pist with an M.A. from Stan­ford Univer­sity who has spent 25 years help­ing people move toward greater whole­ness and unity in their lives. A life-long spir­i­tual seeker, Susan was raised with a Chris­t­ian foun­da­tion, later stud­ied with a Lakota Sioux medi­cine man in her native state of South Dakota, and even­tu­ally explored a diverse vari­ety of spir­i­tual tradi­tions, includ­ing study­ing at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Cali­for­nia. Her great­est plea­sure is shar­ing with others the trans­for­ma­tional vibra­tion we can expe­ri­ence through mudras and mantras, with the pure inten­tion to expand joy and alle­vi­ate the causes of suffer­ing. For more infor­ma­tion, please visit: Universal-Wisdom.com.

Ming Ming (Jorge Torres)

Ming Ming has been guided in the path since birth. His parents were both sincere Chris­t­ian prac­ti­tion­ers. His mother was a philos­o­phy teacher and exposed him early in life to other faiths. In Los Ange­les, Ming Ming was initi­ated into Kriya Yoga by Swami Yogananda’s foun­da­tion pres­i­dent. He then followed Yogananda’s steps in trav­els through­out India.

In August of 2000 he had the good fortune to meet teacher Yuan Miao and has been able to be closely by her side since then. He is dedi­cated to shar­ing with her the West­ern reli­gions, life styles, and spir­i­tual faiths, while directly receiv­ing some of the unique wisdom that Yuan Miao is offer­ing to the world. His career in photog­ra­phy and tele­vi­sion has led him to expe­ri­ence in depth some of the most remark­able places in the world and learn from many cultures on all conti­nents. He has served as Direc­tor of Photog­ra­phy, Field Producer and Camera Oper­a­tor for the Discov­ery Networks, BBC, ABC and others.  Jorge Torres won an art award at the World Press Photo Compe­ti­tion in 1994.

With his teacher’s bless­ings, he has devel­oped a creative discov­ery class enti­tled Photo Dao.  In this class, we find new open­ings to our innate creativ­ity. By connect­ing to the Univer­sal energy flow and allow­ing ourselves the space to see the beauty in all things, we access our true nature and our incred­i­ble capac­ity to create. We redis­cover our own creative poten­tial to see, hear and feel the energy within us, and the energy all around us. It’s an oppor­tu­nity to re-connect to the Source and co-create with it. For more infor­ma­tion, please visit: jorgeltorres.com.

Wei Da for web-2Wei Da (David Holland)

Wei Da met Yuan Miao in 2004 and in 2005 received the Vajra Wind teach­ings.  Find­ing this prac­tice enhanced his own well being and vital­ity he is grate­ful for the oppor­tu­nity to share this precious gift with others. A co-founder of the Blue Pearl Group in Mill Valley, he has a back­ground in martial arts and a vari­ety of mysti­cal tradi­tions.  Born in New York City, he earned a BA in Philos­ophy at McGill Univer­sity in Montreal, Canada.  He emigrated to Cali­fornia in 1979 where he now designs and manu­fac­tures furni­ture.  Faith leads us to prac­tice with dedi­cated  and constant effort.  The prac­tices them­selves then unfold to reveal their myriad trea­sures within.